Gardtte-Le Sultan Massacre House: The Sultan Massacre House

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Gardette-Le Prete Mansion is a large house built in Dauphine Street, New Orleans. It is more popularly called the Sultan Massacre House. As you can already guess, the house has seen gory, gruesome events in its lifetime. What happened there? What does a Sultan have to do with it?

Originally built in 1836 by Joseph Gardette, it was later purchased by a wealthy man called Jean Baptiste LePrete. When the Civil War broke out, LePrete suddenly found himself in the middle of an economic crisis. What was he to do? There was only option – to lease his magnificent mansion to a suitable person. Not long afterwards, a man of Turkish descent approached him and expressed his interest to rent the premises on behalf of his brother who was a sultan. By then,...

As the wind screeched ominously and the lightning crackled in the sky, the people decided to retreat to the warmth of their houses. The candles were dimmed and the shutters were closed and the streets were mostly deserted. The storm blew all night and the next morning dawned fresh and blue. Nobody would have thought that just the previous night, an ugly storm had brewed up in that place.

A man was strolling down the street, enjoying the crisp, cool air when he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. Trickling down the steps of the Sultan’s palace was blood. There was so much blood flowing out that it had mixed with the water to form a red pool outside. The man ran all the way to the police station to inform them about what he’d seen. When the police arrived, the scene looked even more gruesome. The blood ran thicker and deeper. Feeling nervous, the policemen pushed open the door and entered the house which was unusually silent.

In a few seconds, they found the reason for the deathly silence of an otherwise active and busy household. There were corpses lying everywhere. It was a truly horrifying sight. Some had been flayed open while others had a few limbs missing. One officer threw up as the sharp scent of blood overpowered them. The farther they went in, the more corpses they found. The sight and smell was too gory and wretched to...

It has been known that one or more ghosts have been haunting this mansion for more than a century. Neighborhood residents, visitors, past and present owners of the property alike have reported observing paranormal activity there.

In 1979, when Frank D’Amico was staying in the mansion his wife experienced something rather bizarre. It was late in the night and she was preparing to climb into her bed when she saw what looked like a dark figure standing at the foot of her bed. It seemed to be coming straight towards her in a strange gliding motion. Panicking, she found the lamp on her bedside table and turned it on. As the light flickered, it illuminated all corners of the bedroom and there was nobody there. Whatever dark figure that had sent chills down her spine had vanished as suddenly as it had appeared.

Another resident had experienced a scary paranormal activity. He was going down the stairs to do laundry when he saw his dog being lifted up and thrown bodily down the stairs by some invisible hands. The same dog refused to enter the living room unless his owner accompanied him. Maybe like many animals, that dog has a well-developed sixth sense that helps it sniff out ghosts and...
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