A New Organization: Improving Financial Status and Employee Motivation

Topics: Management, Project management, Time Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: April 6, 2013
A New Organization
Olivia C. Rose
Unit 3 IP
June 28, 2009

A New Organization
As the new manager of the organization the first thing I would do to start making changes is show an increase in the companies’ profit margin. Secondly, all employees will need to be motivated and retrained. Through these changes, an increase in company’s financial status will increase as well as the moral. The company’s resources will have to be focused on the unsuccessful and outdated product lines. I will then conduct some market analysis so that I will know what customers want in a product. After the analysis, I will focus on developing the product. This will be done on the line of consumer friendly products, which will be purchased more often than other products. These sales will increase the company’s profit margin. Also meeting the needs of the customer is how to develop the competitive edge.  I would also conduct in depth research on competitors and their products. This is so we won’t create a duplicate product.  Put this into action by first organizing all contributing team members. Assign each team according to ideas that have been implemented as well as assigning a role to focus on. This is to make sure that each team is meeting their goal results and assisting each other. Each team member will be assigned a section and interaction with each other will be on a need basis as opposed to according to rank. Managing the transition from the old structure to the new structure has steps below that should be followed. 1. Create a team and take heed to their strengths and weaknesses. At this time address any issues dealing with resources and morale. Create urgency on the basis of how the company and team will be impacted. This is also the time to support originality.

2. Take a look at things through the customers’ eyes. Manage their expectations by dealing with decisions, acting on authority, and resources in order to succeed. Present...

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