A Memorable Outdoor Experience

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“The Great Outdoors”

A personal narrative is a form of autobiographical writing that requires the author to describe a special moment in his or her life. Writing such a first-hand account can often help the author understand the significance or meaning of the event and why it was important. A successful autobiographical incident should ▪ Focus on a well-defined incident

▪ Grab readers’ attention at the beginning
▪ Provide background information for the incident ▪ Use elements such as plot, character, and setting (when appropriate) ▪ Make the order of the events clear
▪ Use description or dialogue (when appropriate) ▪ Include precise language and specific details ▪ Show why the experience was important
▪ Have a strong conclusion that summarizes the importance of the incident

Writing Situation

A personal narrative provides a writer with the opportunity to tell a story from his or her personal experience and point of view. It allows the author to vividly narrate an incident and to disclose the significance of the incident.

You have just finished reading literary excerpts that vividly describe the beach, and have brainstormed some of the sensory details that make nature’s beauty so unique. Your teacher has asked you to describe an experience you have had in “The Great Outdoors.” You may choose to write about a beach visit, a camping trip, a winter vacation, a park visit or any other memorable outdoor event. Be sure to use rich detail so that the readers can share your experience. You will be writing your description in an essay that you will share with the class.

Directions for Writing

Write an essay describing a time when you visited “The Great Outdoors.” Describe your experience, using vivid sensory details to make the setting come alive for your readers. Use devices such as simile, metaphor, alliteration, personification, and...
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