A Mans Life

Topics: Sense, Auditory system, Ear Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Ashley Porter
Psychology 201

Chapter 3 Questions
1. I have encountered many smells that elicited memories. First off, the smell of dish soap causes me to remember the different places I have lived. For instance, when I smell a dish soap these days, if it was the kind or fragrance of a dish soap that I used earlier in life, then memories of that apartment, my partner of that time, or my emotional well-being (or lack thereof) will come rushing back to me. The same happens with shampoo and hand soap. Another elicited memory are those associated with the weather or outside variables. When I smell certain spices, or fish frying, I remember my time living in Minneapolis. I lived in a predominately Somalian & Korean neighborhood and these were the smells that I smelled every evening on returning to my neighborhood. These smells also filled the walls and carpet of the hallway of my apartment building due to lack of ventilation above the stoves, we all used the old milkman delivery doors as our cooking ventilation into the hallway. Another memory that comes up due to hearing something, is the sound of trains blowing. I have a deep love of trains, the look of them, riding them, sub-culture associated with them, and so when I hear a train howling - I get a sense of comfort and excitement, and urge to travel and speed away into the sunset. It was so bad that I couldn’t even make it to work or school in the past if I heard a train and got that itch. I would have to take off and act impulsively, get an adrenaline fix. I am better able to control myself now, but that doesn’t change the feeling I get when I hear a train blowing. What is happening is sensory integration from the five senses. For the train blowing, the noise enters my ear through the Pinna, and then makes its way to the eardrum. It eventually travels to the smallest bones in the body – the middle ear.
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