Chuck E. Cheese

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Brittney Sanders 1
Do you have a place that you liked to visit as a child? Well I do an it's Chuck E. Cheese. I think all kids like Chuck E. Cheese so while reading my essay you will see why. Chuck E. Cheese was a fun and exciting place I liked to visit as a child.

It all started from a phone call from my aunt Mary, as soon as my mom hung up the phone she grabbed me and her purse an we were on our way to Vestavia which is located in Birmingham, Alabama. I was three years old when I walked through the doors of Chuck E. Cheese. When I stepped foot in the door an the first thing I saw was lots an lots of games. There were bowing games, soccer games, basketball games, racing games, and the list goes on. I was just so surprised to see all those games.

Another thing that caught my attention that I still love to thus day was the scumpscious, tasty,delicious smell of pizza I smelled. Every child I know loves pizza so that me fell like I was in heaven. I had games and pizza I was ok. The smell made me hungry when I walked through the door. I smelled cheese pizza, peppeoroni pizza, sausage pizza, an plenty more. The smell made my mouth water. I think I can smell it right now. Yum Yum!!!!!

As I started playing games I recognized my favorite game was racing because I could beat everyone at it. I use put my foot on the gas an speed off, no one could catch me especially when I hit the brakes and swung around the corner and sped to the finish line. Another thing my friends and I liked to do was go in the tunnel. Before you get in tunnel you have to take your shoes off but keep your socks on. We always got lost in the tunnel because it was so big and confusing. We always managed to find the slide and get to bottom. Who ever made it to the bottom first got to get the first slice of pizza.

At the end of the day we all tired and worn out. Now I see why there slogan is " Chuck E. Cheese is a place where a kid can be a kid." That is so...
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