A Love for Life

Topics: Love, Personal life, Marriage Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: April 12, 2013
<A Love for Life>

‘A Love for Life’ is a fiction that contains many feelings we can have in our typical daily life. Friendship, jealousy, maternal affection, specially, it mainly deals with love between adults. Fanella, main character of this story, is a woman who lives alone but wants to adopt a child. After taking several processes, she finally meets a girl named ‘Ellie’. Meanwhile, she falls in love with the teacher of school, ‘Rod’. Fanella keeps in touch with Rod, because of his publishing matter. At first, she tries to giving up loving him, because he is a married man. However, Leah, his wife, has love with a neighbor Mr. Simpson. As a result, Rod and Leah break up because of several problems between them. After that, Rod and Fanella confirm their love, and story comes to a happy ending.

For me, ‘Fanella’, the main character of this story, looked like a woman who pursuits her own happiness. I really impressed by her that she longed to adopt a girl and nurture a child by herself. Moreover, she overcame every predicament that she faced, to raise her child Ellie. In this aspect, she looks like a rational person. She tried to achieve her old hope and endeavored to maintain it by logical ways. However, she is not just a rational person. She is emotional too. She could not conceal her love for Rod, even though he is a married man. She was honest with her emotion, and I think that her honesty could make love with Rod. As a result, through this story, I really realized that woman who is frank about what she desire can be successful in their life.
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