Love In The Lais Of Marie De France

Topics: Sociology, Heteronormativity / Pages: 4 (835 words) / Published: Nov 18th, 2016
The power of love causes individuals to react in many different ways. In the Lais of Marie de France, each story of love produces a different outcome. For a story’s relationship, whether it involves lovers, siblings, or parents and children, there is one similarity hidden beneath the facades that make up each story; love. The characters involved make drastic changes to their lives in order for their relationship to survive. Throughout many of the tales, the protagonists succumb to the pain of love and the disappointments that may come along with it. In the “Lai of Milun”, the characters suffer greatly in hopes of one day achieving a fulfilled relationship, but their perseverance is rewarded in the end. Although Milun and his mistress …show more content…
Due to this fact, some readers believe the “Lai of Milun” demonstrates the constraining effects of love. In their view, Milun and his mistress held onto an unreasonable relationship for twenty years. They inhibited themselves from connecting to the relationships around them and thus constraining their lives. Milun and his mistress experienced extreme dishonor after the conception of their child, forcing them to part and regain the honor that was lost within their society or face horrible consequences. Upon discovering she was pregnant, Milun’s mistress fears, “She would be grievously punished: tortured by the sword or sold into slavery in another land. Such were the ancient customs observed in those days.” (Milun 60-64). They believed that their individual social appearances were of greater value than discovering a way to rekindle the love they once shared. However, many readers fail to realize that it is the societal expectations, not love, that constrains people. The social judgements of the character’s honor restricted their love and physical relationship. Rather than fleeing the town or defying the social norms that threatened their love, they both obeyed the rules and proceeded to do what society deemed was best for them and in the best interest of their families. These actions further constrained their love by keeping them

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