A Little Technology Is a Dangerous Thing

Topics: Technology, Dance, History of dance Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: April 16, 2013
In the article, A Little Technology Is a Dangerous Thing, the author, Richard Povall states how technology goes back centuries and it still manages to grow due to the simple fact that the current technological tools do not satisfy people. Therefore, there is always the need to progress further. Povall states that technology has made our lives so much easier that we humans have become heavily dependent on it and that we tend to turn to technology as our backbone to get tasks in our daily lives complete. However, there is always a downfall, Povall explains how people in the dance community believe that technology can reduce the strength of the choreography and performers. Even though, Povall still acknowledges all the doubt that comes with the use of technology such as cameras, lighting, sounds, video camera’s etc. but oversees these views by working alongside technology.

Povall states that choreographers and composers must sacrifice control in the hands of technology, because the performers will now have to interactively work with technology since they are constantly dependent on it. Povall discusses that all those involved must be willing to experiment, co-operate, and accept criticism in order to receive a good result. Failure must be accepted because individuals bring forth their own talents and once put together, the final piece can only be judged. Povall goes further on to explain that the concern should be on the content and not the tools. In return, the audience will be so intrigued by the performance that technological aspect will seem invisible to them. The author states that in the 19th century, it was almost impossible to criticize a composer’s work. Technology creates an obstacle that if it is overcome, the results will be flawless. In the late 1970s, an interactive technology system helped individuals have the right to criticize pieces. In turn, technology helped artists to think and create through challenges. He also says that STEIM a company...
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