Paul de Gelder- Into the World

Topics: First-person narrative, Force, Audience Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: June 25, 2013
Paul de Gelder

Sometimes people are forced to undertake a difficult change in their lives. This is evident in the feature article Paul de Gelder composed by Caitlin Chang where various language and visual techniques have been combined to portray how events can effect and force upon change in an individual's life. Throughout the article, first person point of view “I” has been used and repeated to assist readers in understanding de Gelder's life and issues he has had to face along the way. It also provides readers with the chance to relate to the feelings and emotions he has been made to experience because of his life events. Emotive language is evident in all respects of the article. “When I was 18, Dad kicked me out of home”, this demonstrates the hardships faced by Paul de Gelder when he was young and the strained, broken relationship between him and his father. “I thought I'd rather be dead than go through this. I couldn't see how I could go back to the life I had”, this extract is extremely powerful in portraying the physical and mental trauma de Gelder suffered as a cause of the attack, this is another example of the effective emotive language used in the feature article. The demand gaze in “Photograph 2” pictures Paul wearing his defence force uniform, looking into the eyes of the audience. This visual assists the audience to connect with Paul and discover his change in attitude. As well as highlighting his high level of discipline also reflected by this uniform. The use of a demand gaze in this particular photograph provides a connection with the second paragraph (paragraph 2) from the text, where de Gelder is making reference to and talking to the composer about when he joined the defence force and that he “was good at soldiering”. Through her effective use of visual techniques and he clever representation of the words spoken by Paul de Gelder, the composer has successfully conveyed how individual's can be forced to undergo significant changes because...
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