A Guide to New Employee Indoctrination

Topics: Employment, Training, Drug test Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: March 23, 2014

Lessons Learned, a Guide to New Employee Indoctrination
Essentials of College Writing COMM/215
January 26, 2014

An important aspect for new employees is company orientation. Orientation makes a difference in how quickly an employee becomes productive and can result in positive long-term impact for a company. Orientation is an opportunity to make the employee feel welcome and become part of the organization they have joined. It is important that orientation programs are carefully planned to educate and inform employees not only about their role with the company, but also to help create awareness and understanding of the organizations values, culture, vision and about objectives/mission. By developing an effective new hire program, employees will develop a positive impression of a company business and get up to speed faster.

Carl Robins was hired as the campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. Shortly after being hired, Carl successfully recruited several of his first new hires. The 15 new trainees were to start new hire orientation in June 15, then begin working for Monica Carrols, the Operations Supervisor by July 15. In May 15, Monica had contacted Carl with the new employee requirements. Carl was to coordinate the training schedule, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug tests and host of other issues for the new hires. Carl guaranteed Monica everything would be done in time. After Memorial Day, Carl while was reviewing the final paperwork, he discovered that some of the new trainees did not have completed applications in their transcripts, and none had done the mandatory drug screening. He also found he did not have enough orientation manuals and the ones he had were missing several pages each. After going for a walk to calm down his frustrations Carl found out that Joe from technology services had reserved the training room where he had planned for orientation for the whole month. Carl in a panic returned to his office, put...
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