A Girl Like Me

Topics: Africa, Race, Black people Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: October 26, 2008
A Girl like Me

The observation of the movie was clearly stated at first that the African American girls feel as if they are portrayed as something there not. Some similar general parts were when they speak of heritage and where they come from is not to vague for them so they feel people have only told them there only African American and the girls feel they might be from a different culture in Africa. They feel that since there black, no one notice’s them as easy as a white person is noticed.

My general reaction toward this film is that I feel sympathy for them but, not empathy because I do not believe these girls really become unnoticed, I think it maybe anxiety that almost everyone has that’s just not in there form. I do feel though that it is there right to learn there heritage through them following up on books and other resources about African heritage. My other reaction was when they placed the doll’s in front of the 20 little girls and 15 picked the white doll over the black doll had me shocked. In a sociological perspective, I feel that were they are grown up is not very safe and the crime and violence rate is more high than in a white suburban area. I am not a racist and do not judge people by the color of there skin but, in generality I think these little girls see these white doll’s in a nicer of a person perspective and the black doll’s as a more violent form. I feel that this is a sociological issue that should be looked more forward in helping them learn there heritage to greater themselves through family but, I also feel that everyone goes through fazes of hate, loneliness, and bigotry, which should make you a better person each day through having appreciation for everyday life .
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