Crash Movie Analysis

Topics: Race, Ethnic group, United Kingdom Pages: 5 (1018 words) Published: October 1, 2015

Crash was a film that debuted in 2004. The movie told the story of various individuals and families of different ethnic backgrounds. The film showed a lot of different scenarios through the eyes of the people living in Los Angeles, California. This shows that everyone no matter race or other group identity face discrimination in their own right. The message shown was that many people of other ethnic backgrounds either face discrimination directly or acted upon discrimination as their paths cross one another.
The film was shown through the viewpoint of many characters and how they reacted to numerous events which a lot promoted discrimination or stereotyping. The film was very well put together. The audience got to see the viewpoints of discrimination through the eyes of different...

When showing the topic of discrimination it opens people’s eyes to the very same discrimination acts that they do in their daily lives. The film was convincing cause it showed real life situations and showed how everyone is tied to an event and how different parties react differently based on their ethnic identity. The resources used was problem from the directors own experience as well as the many accounts that many people have told their experience about racial discrimination. The story connects with people because many people either went through something similar or still go through it day to day. For example the crooked racist cop stopping the black couple then sexually assaulting the black man's wife because the officer gave the man an ultimatum to either go to jail and receive very embarrassing charges or humiliate him by saying he is sorry while the cop fondles his wife. While the scene was going on the cop's partner stood by and...
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