Social Construction Of Race
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The Social Construction of Race By watching the film I have a deep understanding, I know racial distinction is not just by appearance, we don't really know what is race, actually the race is not important, but the race is still bringing great influence on people's lives. This film is about race, not about attitude and behavior of the individual, and in the past in the history of the institutional and policy in the United States is still on the basis of race, through sacrifice others bring interests for groups. The biggest benefit is the white, white we see at the time of life is so happy, but not because of their hard work, but because of their laws, courts, customs, even if the housing is a race. This film began by observing from the eastern …show more content…
“Real estate practices and federal government regulations directed government - guaranteed loans to white homeowners and kept non Those on the other side of the color line were denied the same opportunities for asset accumulation and upward mobility.”(The House We Live In)
Because of racial differences, slowly in the society of the gap between rich and poor, the net worth of the business, Black family is about 1/8 that of the average white family. And “there is no difference in the test scores, graduation rates, welfare usage and other measures. Later period the government has issued a "Colorblind” policies, but not effective. Said the end of the movie ‘until we address the legacy of past discrimination and confront the historical meanings of race, the dream of equality will remain out of reach.’."( The House We Live
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Which would allow the social service institutions, such as home loans and public facilities, urban residential area by race and income to draw the area into different grades. For no investment or increase investment requirements area marked by the red line, to show the distinction between. Housing loans to financial institutions according to the redlining also marked the area to decide whether to provide loan services. Other social services, such as schools, jobs, and even commercial service will follow suit, with redlining provide service for reference. Obviously, this is a strong discriminatory regulation and business

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