A Feasibility Report on Reversible Shoes

Topics: Color, Shoe, Sole Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: March 24, 2011
Justification of the proposed project
Many women and a growing number of men are enthusiastic shoe collectors. As fashions change, they continually add to their shoe collection and discard barely worn shoes from the previous season. For women especially, shoe styles change each season, and staying in style is costly for them. A reversible shoe will fulfil need for an inexpensive, versatile, stylish shoe which can be quickly and easily converted from one side to the other. The reversible shoe cuts down on the number of separate pairs of shoes that must be purchased for different occasions, for example, casual shoes for wearing to work and dressier shoes for a evening out. In addition to cost savings, being able to maintain fewer shoes helps to free up closet space, reduce shopping time, lower the number of trips to shoe repair shops, and facilitate packing for trips. With the present shoes, gentlemen and ladies need carry an extra pair of shoes for going out to dinner after work but with reversible shoes they do not need to carry an extra pair because it is a two-in-one shoe. This reversible shoe allows the user to switch from one style to another, one colour to another, monotone to multi-hued, or from plain to decorated. The reversible shoe can be designed to suit certain occasions, such as weddings and parties therefore they are more versatile because they can be worn to match several outfits.

This proposes to find out if it would be feasible to provide a reversible shoe of simple and practical construction. It is adapted to be readily changed it appearance without using detachable and interchangeable parts. All this is accomplished by providing an upper, the opposite sides of which are distinguished from each other by colour, decoration, and texture.

The upper part of the shoe will be made of two layers of material but with different colours and designs on each side. It will be held close by lacing’s because...
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