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A DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN TECHNOLOGY AND LIVELIHOOD EDUCATION I(Collaborative Teaching)I. OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:a.Know the role of a responsible member of the family b.Identify the role of the familyc.Appreciate the importance of the member of the family II. SUBJECT MATTER:

Topic: “Being a Responsible Member of the Family”Reference: Technology and Home Economics IBy: Dr. Cristina VillanuevaPage/s: 15-16Material: Visual aids III. PROCEDURE:TEACHER’S ACTIVITYA.Preparation:

1.Checking the physical appearanceof the classroom2. Prayer 3.Greetings4.Checking of Attendance B. Review:
Good Morning class!Before we proceed to our lesson, let’shave a review from our past lesson. STUDENT’S ACTIVITY

Okay, it’s about family.What is a family?Very good, another?Very well said, class.Anyone?Okay, family is the place of love andaffection that we can be found with mutualunderstanding between parents and their children.The family helps every member to grow in theright direction and give sound mind and sound body.Okay, it’s that clear class?C.Motivation:Sort of questions regarding to the topic.Good Morning ma’am!Yes, ma’am.Ma’am, family is the basic unit of the society.Family is compose of father, mother andchildrenFamily is the center of life in our society.

D. Lesson proper:Okay, classes as you have said earlier, familyis composing of father, mother and childrensometimes together with grandparents, auntand uncle and even grandson and daughter. Now, will you define father in the family?Okay good another?Very well said class.In our society father is the nominal head of thefamily.How about the mother?Good anyone?Correct!While the mother is the one who take charge inthe family.And the children, they give joy and happinessto the family.Okay, now I will group the class into three.Ma’am, father is the head of the family.Ma’am, a male parent.Ma’am, the mother is the light of the family.Ma’am, a female parent.
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