Comparing Families Today and Families 50 Years Ago

Topics: Family, Marriage, Mother Pages: 3 (846 words) Published: June 4, 2013
Comparing families today and families 50 years ago

Families are cells of a society which make it and empower it. Family is the place which gives children love, attention, and prepares them for living in a big society .family is the place which let a man and a woman share their love, respect and receive their solace .it is the base of each society and it shapes characteristics of a society. by changing generations, families had changed too. In this paper I tried to contrast today and past families according to values, and structure.

Children back to home, but they are alone, house is empty, there is no mother waiting for them to arrive, and a few minutes later maid arrives and get busy with cocking something for children. mother comes back from work, takes off his clothes, his daughter jumps to her hug but mother just gives her a cold kiss and says him: mother is too tired and has a lot of works honey, please go and play with your dolls .in that moment father is busy with his late jobs and tries to make his son understand that he cannot play cricket with him. Maid prepared the dinner and mother and children are around dinner desk eating their dinner while father has slept on his desk. At the weekend family are together, but there is no grandpa, grandma, aunts, and uncles. They just see each other once a year in grandpa’s house on Nav Rooz night. Because children don’t see their relatives any other time they act to them like a stranger and have no respect for them they don't know how to esteem or sympathies older people. They even do not see their parents a lot and spend time with them to know about values of a family .as parents don’t have time to spend with children, they get more to the virtual worlds like games, internet, and televisions and receive values which these sources give them and get far from real world and get more introvert. In other hand today children become independent earlier and tend to find their own sources of income, they will...
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