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Topics: Family, Nuclear family, Sociology Pages: 4 (1477 words) Published: February 2, 2015
This essay will discuss family structures within modern day society and examine the lack of a “standard” family environment. It will also explore theories and perspectives concerning behaviours, experiences and life chances within specific family units. In conclusion the author will assess if these theories can be used to explain the impact they have on the family unit and the impact the family has on the young person. The majority of society sees the Nuclear family as 2 parents (Mum and Dad) being married and with at least one child, with Dad being the main financial contributor and Mum being the home maker as popularised by sociologists such as George Murdoch (3). This is no longer seen as common place as it once was. Children within this family structure receive strength and stability from both parents and generally have more opportunities due to the financial ease of two parents who both contribute this way to the household. This has led to varied family types and include but are not limited to extended families, for example, parents that co habit but are not married with close family members helping to raise the children, maybe all living within the same household like grandparents, aunts and uncles working towards common goals such as raising the children and keeping up with household duties. Another family structure that has become more prevalent in recent history is the single parent family where usually it is the single mother, but can also be the father, being the sole care giver to the children both emotionally and financially. This may become a struggle at times but they are more likely to be closer and work together to solve problems and divide up the household chores. It is thought that less opportunities are available to the child/children due to the financial constraints of having only one income. Leading on from single parent families may be re constituted or step families as over half of marriages end in divorce. This involves two separate...

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