Module 6

Topics: Family, Nuclear family, Bias Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: April 10, 2013
(Module Six: Text Questions)

(Review Questions)

1.What is a family? What is family composition? Family is a group of people who are tied together by blood co-residence or affection or as consisting of parents and children.Familt composition refers to the makeup of a family including the number of members, their agges and relationship to each other.

2.What is cultural bias? What is an example of this? Cultural bias is the interpretation or judgement of practice by the standards of ones own culture.An example of this wouuld be we may look at the different cultural practice and consider it wrong because it is not the way we handle a particular concern.

3.What are stereotypes? How are they different from prejudice? Stereotypes are assumed beliefs about a group of people,they are often very generilized and simplified ideas about a particular group.The difference between stereotypes and prejudice is that stereotypes are generally based on characteristics present in the members of the group.

4.What is the difference between a nuclear family and an extended family?An nuclear family is sometimes refered as an traditional family whic includes biological family members.Nuclear famlies are not better or worse than other family forms such as the extended families are simply different.The difference between the two are that one consists of multiple generations living under one roof examples,elderly mother living with daughters family or grandchild living with gradnparents.The other is a mother and father with their biological or adopted children all sharing the same living area.

(Critical Thinking Questions)

1.How can families assimilate to a new culture? How families can assimilate to a new culture is to be open-minded,parents canhelp their children by acknowledging differences between the cultures.Show confidence moving to a new coountry,culture,or area can be scary for children so parents can also model self-confidence in adapting to the...
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