A Critical Review: Effects of Leadership and Leader-Member Exchange on Commitment

Topics: Leadership, Management, Laissez-faire Pages: 4 (1179 words) Published: April 9, 2009
A Critical Review: Effects of Leadership and Leader-Member Exchange on Commitment Article by: Jean Lee
(Leadership & Organization Development Journal)

It has been long proven and established that leadership and success of an organization are proportional. The phenomenal growth of leader-member exchange (LMX) research aims to study the diverse attributes of individuals in response to different leadership behaviors. In this regards, the author Jean Lee conducted a research linking the triangle relationship of Leadership ' LMX ' Commitment, wherein to date few research in this area have been quantified. Past literature show only the effect of leadership on organizational outcomes with respect to innovation process, project performance, effectiveness and success. However, studies show that the effect of leadership on employees’ organizational commitment plays an important role in ensuring the Return On Investment (ROI) in R&D centers. The chosen backdrop of the study is in Singapore, where a total of 201 businesses focusing on R&D were studied. Singapore was the choice for they recorded a steady growth of 10% among research scientist and engineers every year. As Singapore is one of the advance countries in the South-East-Asian region, the choice is wise and commendable as both the first world and second world countries can benefit from this study.

The paper is broken down into the usual introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion. While the style of writing is purely academic, the way the paper guides readers to understand the content of the paper through the eyes of laymen would allow for the paper to be well received by interested readers. The paper is well written, clear and is straight to the point with a cleverly written abstract that summarizes the paper well. The paper’s is built around strong and solid research works by many papers from as early as Bass’s multi-leadership theory in 1985 to Rowden’s work on...
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