A Case Study of the Successful Use of the Information Systems and Technology

Topics: Strategic management, United Arab Emirates, Market Pages: 7 (1895 words) Published: January 14, 2013
This paper reports on a case study of the successful use of various constituents of the Information Systems and Technology that are implemented in an entrepreneurship organization, Dubizzle.com, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It seeks to communicate, and demonstrate how technology affects competition in today’s market place. In addition, the paper provides some guides in analyzing the needs for integrating technology in the corporate strategy. In order to achieve the above objectives, this paper will identify how Dubizzle.com uses technologies to create a strategic competitive barrier in efforts to attain a consistent competitive edge in its market. The plan is to analyze and interpret Dubizzle.com in terms of technological hardware and software they are currently using and aim on using in order to increment on their competitive advantage in their respective markets.

General misconceptions on IT and IS:

1.The first misconception:
Various organizations and managements often have the tendency to make inaccurate assumptions regarding Information Systems and Technology. These assortments of misperceptions are firstly, that IT and IS are mere technical terms used to describe computers systems and can be used interchangeably. This notion is absolutely impractical and inaccurate since, there is a distinct difference between IT and IS. IT refers to the various technology oriented hardware that could be implemented in an organization. Whereas, IS includes all the different software that installed in a companies or institutions. Although, it is extremely crucial for both IS and IT to work in tandem by complimenting each other. It is more so significant for various institutions to indentify the difference amongst the two.

2. The second misconception:
The second misconception that generally exists regarding IT and IS, is that not all firms require innovative and up-to-date IT and IS solutions. This statement is a misassumption predominantly because IT and IS not only become a stepping stone for organizations in achieving in overall business operational efficiency by reducing the prospect of error occurrences, but it also enables organizations to achieve the following benefits.

a. New product, services and business models:
This is attained through making these very operational and strategic processes faster, more time and cost efficient.

b. Customer and supplier intimacy:
This effectual interaction is achieved by creating an effective and a transparent channel of two-way and horizontal communications with the company’s suppliers and customers by reducing barriers of communication.

c. Improved decision making:
Through attaining significantly more accurate and up-to-date processed information which is the primary basis in making high- risk strategic decisions.

d. Competitive advantage:
Is also achieved through IT and IS since it enables firms to build on their switching costs, create barriers for their competitors to effectively compete in the market, and change the nature of the business competition through innovation and further development in its business model, products and services. e. Survival:

It is one of the benefits that are attained by many companies especially, small-scaled businesses; those who do not have financial or the technological prowess to achieve or maintain dominance in their respective markets for a consistent period of time.

Project Aims

The primary aim of this paper is to illustrate how present and potential IT infrastructure that is installed and implemented by Dubizzle enables them to attain a competitive edge in its market. Thereby, based on this unique yet real-life case, the paper seeks to explain that this successful venture can well be replicated in virtually any market, by any firm who seeks to implement their IT infrastructure at the right place, at the right time. The secondary objective is to clarify and eliminate the...
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