It/205 Week 1 Checkpoint Information System Business Problem Dimensions

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Week 1: Checkpoint Assignment: Information System Business Problem Dimensions:

The three dimensions to business problems are organization, people, and information technology. The first dimension, organization, refers to how a company operates to achieve goals set, the culture. To achieve the goal, a business will establish processes. Business processes are the procedures, steps, or instructions use to carry out the tasks. Both culture and business processes are used to complete business as efficiently as possible. The organizational structure of a business is set up a hierarchy. The upper-level are managerial, professional, and technical employees. The lower-level consist of the operational personnel. Another dimension to business problems are people. Without skilled and trained people businesses and information systems are useless. Other issues consist of inadequate training, poor attitudes, lack of support, and poor management. The Home Shoppers Network rank customer service as number one in priorities. If the representative answering the phones were not trained properly on the systems this would have an adverse effective with their customers. The third dimension is technology. Technology dimension described as out dated hardware or software and inadequate database capacity. Not only can computers become outdated but the software, such as Windows, or office software. The technology needs to be utilized for the input and deciphering of information the organization will mass. Up-to-date and skilled qualified individuals are needed to operate the information systems (Laudon & Laudon, 2009.)

There is a difference between information technology and information systems. Information technology (IT) is the hardware, software, Internet, intranet used by a company to satisfy its desire growth. The computers, servers, blackberries, printers, fax machines, scanner, disk drive, flash drives, operating systems (Windows, Linux), and other...
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