It 205 Checkpoint 1 Week 1

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IT 205

CheckPoint 1
The three dimensions to business problems are Organizational, Technological and People. With Organizational dimension comes outdated business processes, political conflict, complexity of task and inadequate resources to name a few. Technological dimension problem comes with outdated software, inadequate database capacity, rapid technological change and others. People dimension problems are lack of employee training, legal and regulatory compliance, indecisive management and lack of employee support and participation. Three dimensions in my current workplace are people; there is a lack of basic knowledge concerning applications such as Microsoft Office and in house database applications. Another example is Technology; there are workstations and servers that have been outdated for years, just as certain applications such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office are behind in versions. With the organization part, I have noticed there are many political issues between managers and employees there is a no respect for either party. To add, there is no a guideline or documentation on the procedures for tasks to be executed; this is when new employees arrive there is major chaos. The difference between IT and information systems is the fact that IT deals with the information technology infrastructure such as data storage, hardware, software, and networking, mobile devices, Microsoft office and so forth. While, information systems manage and assists businesses with production functions such as develop new products and services, improve decision-making, achieve competitive advantage and attain better customer intimacy and service. To summarize it is a set of interlocked components that collect, process, store and distribute information.
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