A Bullied Girl and Her Robot

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Topics: Bullying
It’s a normal weekend for all the kids in a small town. Children are playing happily outside together with their friends but not for a girl who always stays at home. She’s very shy to make friends that resulted for her to get bullied by the other children in their street. “Sydney, it is a beautiful day why don’t you go outside and make some friends?” Sydney’s mother asked her while they eat their breakfast. But Sydney keep quiet for a while and said, “I like to read books.” Her mother trying to understand her daughter’s situation and supporting her saying, “Well, if that’s what makes you happy I’m fine with it but sometimes you need to go outside and play with the other children.” Sydney answered, “But I go outside sometimes and I like reading books in my room.” After eating Sydney went to her room upstairs. One afternoon Sydney went outside to buy some food at a near convenience store. While walking to the store she bumped to a boy her age in front of the store and she dropped her purse. The boy tried to pick the purse and hand it to her but Sydney pick it up quickly and run into the store thinking another bully found her. And the boy just stared at her while she run away and later walked away. After buying some food Sydney was walking home when she saw a group a children playing at the playground. She looked lonely seeing happy kids of her age. She thought, “How does it feel to have friends and to play around?” while in a moment of a bit sadness a group of bully boys came near her and bumped to her intentionally so she dropped her bag of food. She tried to apologize, “I’m sorry…” but one boy shouted at her, “You were on the way!” the boys picked up the bag she dropped and they made her chase them for her to get her food back. Sydney pleaded while running after the boys, “please give it back.” But the boys just kept running while teasing her, “You want it, go get it!” And they throw the bag away and run away. Sydney looking at the bag of food she should bring home

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