Summary: Rosa by Elaine Cunningham

Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: October 19, 2014
Rosa was written by Elaine Cunningham. This Christian fiction story takes place in Washington. This story has 101 pages.Rosa is about a Mexican 12 year old girl named Rosa. Rosa and her family have been traveling place to place because her family is poor. They cannot live in a house because they cannot afford it so they live in a shack. Then they moved to Washington. Rosa had no friends in day she did not want to go to school because it was going to be hard adjusting to a new school, and because all the kids would make fun of her because she did not speak English well. Then before her school starts she made a friend named Betty. Betty wants Rosa to come to her school but she does not know so she asked her papa then he said yes. Shortly before all the apples were harvested, Betty invited Rosa to Sleep over and go to the lake for a picnic the next day. Rosa's parents were strict about Rosa not going near the dangerous river, but she wanted to be with her friend. She lied to her parents and told them she wanted to sleep at her Cousin Elaine's house and ride with them if work ended early. Her parents agreed and Betty assured Rosa everything would be fine. The next day, Betty's little bother Timmy joined the girls on their hike to the lake then Timmy ran ahead and went on a rock without the girls knowing! The girls said get down from there or you will fall but it was to late, he fell in to the lake. Rosa jumped into the lake and got him out.
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