A Brief History of London

Topics: London, England, 2nd millennium Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: April 2, 2013
London is 3000 years old because it was proved with evidances which are weapons, poetry,artifacts found during excavation and they were ramained from brown and iron ages.Vauxhall bridge and roman bridge are remained.Old London had scattered rural settlements.Londonium(london) was no bigger than high park when roman invaded then romans were pushed out of city but they came back with army controlled everything and built Roman Wall which is called defensive wall.All city was square mile inside the wall.They stimulated economy, architectures were built one remained evidance of them is South Bank.Then they left london for reasons unknown not because of invasion just they want.Britain was invaded by Anglos,the Saxons and the Jutes from Holland,Germany and Denmark.They developed mostly formers deserted part of the city and St Paul Cathedral was built it was first cathedral and after it city was established,because of vikings attacks it was destroyed and original one doesnt exist now.”Londan Bridge is falling down” song is one of the effect of Viking invasion.After King William the conqueror controlled the city, Tower of London was built and it is still standing.Main purpose of it was prison and it included store of weapons and zoo.City grew up there was no enough space for people and conditions were unsanitery so disease spreaded quikly.After Lord Mayor was elected symbolic role took over the city.He like cats and famous.Some Gate names came from the old wall’s gates like south exit of gate called Soutgate.London became centre of trade and there were inside of it 200000 people.Royal places were built by Henry 8th. With ships many places were expanded and peoples joined them, it was big step for G.B. Shakespeare did big effect about art. Globe theatre was built it was first theatre but original one destroyed then new one constructed as much as original one. 17th century

Guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliament because of the conflict which...
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