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Business Objectives

As we all know, a cake is an emblem of celebration. Also, we use a cake as an expression of our feeling. For example, we used to buy cakes on some special and important days. For individuals, they need cakes on their Birthday, Wedding Party, Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day, etc. For the companies, they may need cakes in some events such as Celebration Party. We are willing to help the customers to make their cakes if necessary and so much as teaching them to make the cake themselves.

We aim to provide the best ingredients and methods, as well as the best cakes and desserts to every customer. We also act as an adviser to give recommendation to the customers on the use of the cakes at the right time, in the right place, to the right people. We will also teach our customers on how to make the best cake.

Moreover, we provide high quality on both the cakes and services. For example, we have a speedy delivery that our cakes are made according to the customers’ needs and expectations. 1. Background

Yummy-yummy Cake has been operated for more than 10 years. We are famous with cakes and desserts in Hong Kong.

For the cakes, we have a professional pastry chef to prepare the cakes with the best and freshest ingredients. We are specialized in making cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, 3-Dimensional cakes and some other kinds of deluxe cakes. Whatever the occasion is, Yummy-yummy cake always provides you the best cakes.

For the desserts, with our experienced chefs, we made the freshest desserts. It is not difficult to understand why our cakes and desserts have always been the customers’ first choice. It is because we have various flavors and sizes of cakes that give you the greatest flexibility in choosing the ideal gift to your family, friends, lovers or even your business partners. 2. Business Model

We are mainly a B2C retailer that we do retail transactions from businesses to individual shoppers. On the other hand, we also do B2B business that we also sell cakes to companies.

The business models of our company are as follow:
i. Online, direct marketing
ii. Name your own price
iii. Viral Marketing
iv. Group Purchasing
v. Products and service customization
3. Target Market

Our target customers are someone who interested in making cakes, such as a beginner. We also provide one-to-one marketing and personalization that customer can use our Website to find out information about cakes. For example, they can learn some knowledge about how to make a cake in our website.

On the other hand, customers can join some program in our physical store, such as “Blueberry Cake” course. Moreover, customers can also make an order to purchase a cake or to order some ingredients. In addition, we provide a bulk purchase to our customers, for example, they can make an order for the party.

The estimated expenses for our e-business:
| |Expenses |$ | |1 |Ingredients |30,000 | |2 |Rents and Wages |34,000 | |3 |Advertisement |10,000 | |4 |Equipments |14,000 | | |Total |88,000 | 4. EC Strategies

Nowadays, people are very busy, so our company has fundamentally changed all our business from brick-and-mortar to click-and-mortar companies that use one EC application.

We have the physical store at original but we have added-on transactional website. We move onto the Internet because we want to attract more customers to buy...
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