Advertisement Analysis Year 10 Vis Com

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Year 10: Visual Communication and design
Advertisement Analysis

This advertisement is aimed for women aged 18 to 85 as it is would attract a wide-ranging audience. As this cheesecake is premade it would show much convenience to a busy housewife or those who want a quick and easy dessert. The target audience of this advertisement are most likely low-mid income earners as the product is sensibly priced. It is suggested that the audience would probably live in suburban and city are as it would wildly be available in that supermarkets and for those who have no time to cook and want a premade delicious meal. This would also appeal to those who do not know how to cook and want a quick pre made dessert, which can be heat in an oven/microwave. The advertisement might also appeal to those with loved ones as the caption says “Serve someone you love a slice of Sunday.”

The purpose of this advertisement is to advertise the product and earn more sales from the product by luring the audience with a perfect slice of cheesecake in the centre. The advert also promotes the cheesecake brand Sara Lee in an appetising approach which would catch the intended audience’s eye. It also depicts the cake as a symbol of desire and indulgence that could be shared with loved ones.

The use of colour is crucial in this advertisement as it is used in order to attract the audience and draw their attention to the product. The corporate colour which is the use of the red and white enhances the branding, Sara Lee. The two colours contrast each other making the advert dynamic and striking. The red stands out from the neutral creamy yellow colour which emphasises the caption at the top and the logo. It also informs the audience on the type of flavour of the product which is strawberry. The blurred and neutral background ensures that the attention of the audience is drawn to the product, letterform and logo. Texture is evident in the golden biscuit base which has a crumbly texture. This...
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