Philippine Flour Mill

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PHILIPPINE FLOUR MILLS is engaged in wheat flour milling on 3 April 1961 as wholly owned by GUNZALO PUYAT & SONS, INC. The Machineries & Equipments were acquired in the same year from the BUHLER BROTHERS, UZWIL SWITZERLAND. Construction of the building; Mill Bldg, Silos, Flour Bind/ packaging and warehouses were completed in early 1962. The factory was constructed on 49square meters. Production started July 1962 at the initial daily capacity of 300 metric tons. Presently, the total rated daily capacity of Mill – “A” is also 450 metric tons while Mill – “B” has a daily capacity of 120 metric tons, both Mills can produce Hard and Soft flour interchangeably. The factory located in Barangay Hondagua, Lopez, Quezon. It is approximately 223 kilometers from Manila by the south road, which is a part of PAN-PHIL Highway. The Company’s Private Pier is capable of accommodating ocean-going vessels carrying wheat imported from United State of America and Canada. The Plant Facilities includes storage silos for wheat a total capacity of 20,000 metric tons and standby Power Plant capable of operating the Mill and wheat in case of NPC power failure. The main product is Wheat Flour which is classified into two; the Hard Flour and the Soft Flour. Hard flour is use for bread and Soft Flour is for the biscuit, cookies and pastries. There are also specials flour such as noodle for the products. The By-products which is Wheat bran / Pollar are being used for the animal feeds such as swine and poultry feeds. Flour marketing and distribution was done by trucking from the factory (Hondagua, Quezon) to Region 5, Region 4, and Metro Manila. While flour distribution for Visayas is being loaded by vessel in Hondaqua and through containers at the part of Manila.


Aligned with our Corporate Vision and Tradition, we are committed to produce & provide the food & baking industry with qualityand excellent Flour variants, priced correctly, distributed timely by commercially thinking Dealers and served by Our Business Oriented Market Specialists

Over Years of Tradition, The Company, Philippine Flour Mills shall continue as a Country’s Partner in Food Production by producing Quality Flour Products and Industry & Market Interface by Professional Personnel. “Profit with Honor”.



The method conducted in the research utilizes both quantitative and qualitative data. The group gathered information through multiple interviews, surveys & questionnaires, careful analysis and observation in order to provide more in depth statistics. The PHILIPPINE FLOUR MILLS located at Hondagua, Quezon placed its main office in Makati City where the team has visited. The company provided us with pictures and related articles regarding its line of business.

In addition, here are the significant factors, both internal and external, identified through certain systematic tools and procedures – 1. External Assessment (PESTLE Analyst, Five Forces Model and EFE Analyst), 2. Internal Assessment (Functional Areas, Mckinsey 7s and IFE Analysis), 3. Space Matrix and recommended strategies. Consequently, as we committed our valued “time and effort” to make the research more accurate and reliable, we attached some documents which is substantial for reference purposes for this study.

External Assessment




•Barangay & Municipal strictly in its Policy consistently implementing peace and order in the locality, its Barangay Tanod regularly monitoring the area 24/7. It’s also serves as additional security of the firm.

Our Suppliers in advance advice the firm for upcoming Price Hike. Additionally, the dealer will give them an allocation to book at “OLD PRICE”....
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