Youngsters Nowadays Are Living in a Comfort Compared to Old Days

Topics: Higher education, Hunger, World population Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Youngsters nowadays are living in a comfort compared to old days. Do you agree? (30marks) Thanks to the development of technology, youth nowadays have easy and comfortable life. Inventions such as cars, planes and internets are enabling us to save time and stay updated to daily events. However, is it really true that we are living a better life than our grandparents’ generation? I beg to differ. We are suffering even more in terms of stress, danger and health problems. With the development of the world, came the higher education level. In the past, people were required to study for the minimum degree of graduating high school in order to find a job to support themselves and their families. Today, the youth is always under pressure; from both parents and peers. Due to the development of the world, the world’s economy rose drastically, causing the limitation to find a job increase. To find a stable job, the youth have to have a minimum degree of University graduate which cause more stress to the youth who will have to study more. Also, the youth became unwillingly competitive. From their parents’ pressure and the pressure from the peers whose grades are improving, they are forced to study and give up their freedom. As this stress stacks up, it may backfire to make the students become disobedient and ungrateful. Therefore, I believe that we are not better off from the past. Talking about technology, it did not only affect our daily lifestyles, but also has a great impact on military. Our world is always in threat of wars. Countries are competitively trying to build new weapons so that they can be in a higher stand if the war is to break out. Since WWII, this became even more desperate and nuclear weapons were developed. In America, possession of guns is legally allowed for the citizens. Hence, the youth in America is always in danger of meeting a complete stranger who may just hurt them. Furthermore, from the black market, it is a piece of cake to get a gun...
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