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In the reading I first come across the concept of ahimsa which is non violence, I see that there is two places for it internally and externally. With those in mind we read about how Patanjali uses karma in his description of ethical conduct (52).They should be treated more like advice to be taken and applied to your everyday life to help balance the body and mind.

It is a guideline to help become happier with ones life because material things can not make your life more fulfilled. All of this is just to say we should give up our egoic strategies because they create habits that stem from a longing that these strategies are counterproductive towards. We have a longing to just be, to be in the world without having to be tied down by worldly identification (62). We have to learn to balance practice of all eight limbs because if we do not yoga just becomes another form of materialism.

Yoga helps a person become less stuck in their everyday lives and become more of who we are and helps us find our place in this world. This helps us understand why we start with the yamas because they help explain this and how to balance all eight limbs and not to let it become another form of materialism. Yoga helps with feeling whole without trying to become someone, learning how to be intimate without letting it throw us out of balance. We have to learn how to react to things and instead of doing the same things over and over again we have to change our situation to better suite the lives we would like to lead. We should learn from the yamas because in life we will only be judged by our actions and those actions can draw the people we want in our lives or force them out. We have to wake up and become who we really are and our place in this world.
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