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Diversity, the inclusion of different types of people (whether it be race or culture) in a group or organization. How would Xerox, a fortune 500 company define diversity? How diverse is Xerox in comparison to the rest of the market? With diversity your company gains knowledge and experience from different facets of the world, but what would keep Xerox motivated to diversify their workforce? Considering the growth in cultural diversity in the US how has Xerox manage to maintain its diversity? How can Xerox along with other fortune 500 companies improve on their diversity on executive level of management? These questions along with more will be answered as we explore Xerox and their outlook and actions on diversity.

Xerox, founded in 1906, is the world’s largest service and technology company in the computer industry with number one market share and sales in excess of $17 billion. They are also recognized as the world’s most admired company in the computer industry. This has come about as a result of internal growth and diversity in creating an environment where all employees can grow within. Xerox defines diversity as follows: “Diversity is about more than race and gender. It’s about more than numbers. It’s about inclusion. Diversity means creating an environment where all employees can grow to their fullest potential.”

Xerox allows for individuals to share ideas and as people have different ways of thinking, this is believed to create more innovative solutions and is a tactic that has proven to work very well for Xerox. Xerox continues to invest in innovation through research and development even throughout the most recent recession. In fact, Xerox has a proud tradition of pioneering research and continues to be in the forefront of innovation. In 2011, Xerox spent over $721 million on research and development. Today they have over 5,000 scientists exploring and trying to innovate new products. Their diversity began with the first chairman, Joseph C. Wilson who took the necessary steps in creating a more diverse workforce during the 1960’s. This led to further emphasis on advancement opportunities for females and minorities during the 80’s. In fact, this was when Xerox had named an African American as the first president of a division. The company has taken even further steps in the 1990’s by implementing a sexual orientation program as part of the company’s policy in extending their diversity by including lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual employees. Xerox even began providing benefits for such groups and was a leader in doing so. Today, Xerox employs over 140,000 people and as a company they are proud to say that women and minorities make up 52% of their workforce and over 42% of their senior executives is made up minorities to include women, people of color or both. Xerox has over 10,700 patents and has office in 160 countries making them truly a global company.

Their mission and vision statement which reads” through the world’s leading technology and services in business process and document management, we’re at the heart of enterprises small to large, giving our client’s the freedom to focus on what matters most.” This truly could be summarized as a statement that reflects the company and shows how the diversification of not only products and services, but more importantly, through the diversity of its workforce, has been able to achieve and sustain such a high status throughout the world from a business standpoint and internally from an employee standpoint. Xerox has been and continues to be one of the best most recognized companies to work for and throughout all of the years, the one thing that has never changed is their core values.

As our Organizational Behavior book states in Chapter 2, there are seven reasons why Xerox should be motivated to diversify their workforce. The first reason is that today’s talent is overwhelmingly diverse; therefore, adopting discriminatory hiring preferences...

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