The Benefits of Cultural Diversity in a Workplace

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Benefits Of Diversity in the workplace
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Benefits Of Diversity in the workplace
The acceptance of the term globalization all over the world has made the term ‘diversity’ quite prominent at workplaces. Apart from differences in race and gender, workplace diversity includes many other forms like age, ethnicity, physical attributes, educational background, sexual orientation, geographical location, income, marital status, parental status, spiritual practice, work experience, job classification and many more. An organization’s growth rate and success depend upon its ability to understand and manage diverse people in an efficient manner. When people with diverse backgrounds work as a team, the company progresses and grows at rapid rates. Apart from this ,there are numerous other benefits of diversity in a workplace. Some of these benefits include: 1. Increased adaptability

Organizations having a diverse workforce are better equipped in supplying a greater and better variety of solutions for problems in sourcing, service, and allocation of organizational resources. People from diverse background bring with them diverse experiences and talents in suggesting proposals that can easily be adapted to fluctuating market conditions and customer demands. 2. Increase the company’s range:

When the organization has a diverse set of skills, competencies and experiences such as languages,and cultural understanding, it becomes capable of providing services to a greater variety of customers spread across the world. 3. Diversity in viewpoints.

When diverse workforce communicates varying points of view comfortably, there is a larger pool of experiences and ideas. This facilitates the organization to draw the best ideas and suggestions from that pool. Thus the needs of business strategy and that of customers are fulfilled quite effectively. 4. Efficient execution of plans.

Companies that follow the concept of workplace diversity automatically...
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