Xcom/285 Week 1

Topics: Computer, Management, Communication Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: July 12, 2011
Week 1 paper

Technology is changing the face of business communications. Think critically about the nature of technology in the workplace. Think of the positives and negatives of the different communication technology that you use everyday. Do you think businesses effectively use these resources to communicate? Why or why not? Provide examples.

I believe that in the world today the advance technology has helped many businesses which were otherwise struggling. There are places like restaurants and other fast food places which use to put long hours in keeping track of the inventory, by pen, paper, and excessive order forms.

I can see how this must have been a business nightmare with the storage of this information. Now with our advance technology we are able to order faster, save information to disc or the hard drive of the business computers which will allow faster references for future sales.

With the invention of things like PDA’s, cellular phones, and the many sites which can be utilized to advance business for the businessman/ businesswoman. By utilizing sites like yahoo, face book, and twitter just to name a few, a business can promote with-in.

Most of these sites communicate effectively the current promotions of the business, although this is not to say there are thousands more who do not for they may or may not trust the internet security which is a major concern for any business.

Although the business world is ever changing some of the disadvantages are when training new employee’s on these devices and the numbers of errors which could be obtained. The use of PDA’s allows for better time management by allowing the user to see their daily schedule.

There are many software programs out there to help with the functions of your business. For instance, Microsoft Office would be a great start for helping to keep your business moving on the right track. Also there are services out there like offsite...
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