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Advertising in Society
It was my job today to write a summary on a product that in my belief is not being marketed effectively to the public. I choose to discuss the newest form of portable “computer” like device that has become extremely popular, the tablet. There is one tablet on the market now that is very well advertised and shown to the public on regular basis. This brand of tablet, is of course the Ipad by Apple. But there are many brands of tablets, and surprisingly there is not a lot of marketing for the other brands, I have decided to summarize these other tablets.

Thanks to the wide range of ways to advertise through different world wide and local medias, products like tablets have been spoken off or shown to a very wide range of people. It is because of this advertising that society learns about trends and what is the newest technology, how it works, and why they “have” to have it. Most of the population has knowledge of how to use the Internet, as well as how practical things like tablets can be for a person who is very busy and cannot carry large numbers of items as they go from day to day, or simply want to downsize the number of things they do carry by simplifying things. A tablet is effective no matter what brand due to the basic functions all tablets do (Apple may have started it, but other brands have picked up the slack and have sent their creations forward as well). Some of the name brands currently producing tables are Motorola (the Xoom), Vizio (the VTAB1008), as well as HTC (the EVO View). But if you mention a tablet to another person even if it is one of these brands the first question most of the time, “Is that an Ipad?” and let’s face it with the advertising on Television, magazines, and the Internet for this product, there is no reason for them not to ask that question. But with the other very well known brands how is there not more knowledge about the other tablets on the market? With the lack of marketing from these other companies...
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