Wuthering Heights Analysis

Topics: Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë, Fiction Pages: 1 (413 words) Published: December 7, 2014
Wuthering Heights Analysis
Zubin Kottoor
The book, Wuthering Heights, was a very interesting book whose plot delved deep. The story’s narrative changes from real time to flashbacks throughout the book which I definitely enjoyed. Many of the characters within the story all had deep backstories which made me more interested in the plot. One theme that I found within Wuthering Heights is the destructiveness of a love that never changes. The narrative in the book was very fascinating. I liked the way the story shifts from Lockwood’s perspective to conversation with Nelly to the flashbacks of twenty three years before. I like the flashbacks because I got to see the characters before they became who they were. For example, I saw Heathcliff’s transformation from an unkempt young boy to a rich man who was able to swindle his way into the property of Wuthering Heights. The back story that intrigued me the most dealt with the scene exchange between Heathcliff and Catherine. They both start off as young kids who enjoy each other’s company. This friendship soon leads to them developing feelings for one another. However, they never act upon their feelings, rather, they discuss how similar they are to each other and how they are meant for each other. The irony within their whole love story is that they do not end up together and Heathcliff ends up being miserable until his death. This ties into the theme of how a love that never changes can be destructive. The story revolves around the love stories of Heathcliff and Catherine in the first part of the book and Hareton and Catherine in the second part of the book. The first love story is doomed because Heathcliff and Catherine refuse to change over time despite the circumstances they have to deal with. The second love story between Hareton and Catherine ends happily and restores order to the setting of the plot. All in all, I thought Wuthering Heights comprised of a very structured plot that was easily relatable to the...
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