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Catherine Earnshaw

Catherine Earnshaw Catherine Earnshaw is the daughter of Mr. Earnshaw and his wife; Catherine falls powerfully in love with Heathcliff, the orphan Mr. Earnshaw brings home from Liverpool. She was born at Wuthering Heights and was raised with her brother Hindley. Catherine loves Heathcliff so intensely that she claims they are the same person but does not marry him because Hindley has degraded him after their father's death so her desire for social advancement motivates her to marry Edgar Linton...

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Catherine Earnshaw as a Typical Nineteenth Century Heroine

husband. Cathy and Heathcliffs wild, untamed passions allow them to ignore the rules of society. In the 19th century, a woman would get buried with her husband and his family but Cathy defies this rule as she didn’t get buried with the Lintons or the Earnshaws, but up in the wild moors where she spent most of her childhood. This shows her love for Wuthering Heights and her uncontrolled nature. She was also buried in the middle of Edgar and Heathcliff which symbolises the conflict she had between them that...

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True love of Catherine Earnshaw and Edgar Linton and Heathcliff: "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte

chaos breaks out hereafter; nonetheless, her rationale did seem just at the time. Heathcliff's love for Catherine is blind, and Catherine, is to some extent the same, as she decides to marry Edgar for Heathcliff's benefit and this explains why Heathcliff and Catherine were not meant for this world. Catherine was the mirror image of Heathcliff and they were too alike for their own good. Also, Catherine is well aware of her social surroundings and she was able to avoid being a servant to her brother by...

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An Analysis of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

‘A wild, wicked slip…I believe she meant no harm’ Does your opinion of Catherine match Nelly’s assessment in Chapters 1-14? Catherine Earnshaw, later Linton, is first introduced to the reader by Emily Bronte in Chapter III. Throughout the novel Catherine proves to be a character whose actions and personality can either attract the audience’s sympathies or quickly alienate them. Nelly’s narration dominates the narrative in chapters 1-14 and it is therefore natural that the reader’s views may be...

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Macbeth And Wuthering Heights Research Paper

evil that is done in this novel. Catherine has a passionate and destructive love towards her significant lover Heathcliff. The love Catherine shows to her significant lover Heathcliff is very controlling as well. As you read a little bit further you see some twists and turns into the so called love triangle. “(Upon hearing cathrine say ‘ it would degrade me to marry Heathcliff he disappears noiselessly into a storm in the night)”. Heathcliff suffer with catherine being controlling because she wants...

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How Does Bronte Present Injustice In Wuthering Heights

injustices to Heathcliff, like Catherine. First of all, he faced a bit of justice as Mr. Earnshaw saved him in Liverpool and later treated him more as a son as he did to his own;however, he obtained harsh treatment from Hindley and even Nelly whom did not like the idea of a savage. Furthermore, Heathcliff is presented again with inequity as Catherine is snatched away from him by the Lintons and Hindley now transforms him into another servant and not an owner like Mr. Earnshaw had wished. These are the...

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The Importance of the Setting in Wuthering Heights

that the two major residences in the novel provide a striking contrast. These two residences not only differ in their inhabitants, but also in the immediate scenery, both intrinsic and extrinsic. For example, Thrushcross Grange is described by Catherine and Heathcliff as a “beautiful, splendid place carpeted with crimson-covered chairs and tables, and a pure white ceiling bordered by gold, a shower of glass-drops hanging in silver chains from the centre, and shimmering with little soft tapers” (74)...

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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights as an orphan boy for Mr. Earnshaw. The story unravels, and Mr. Earnshaw dies leaving Heathcliff vengeful against the remaining family, but filled with the passionate yet frowned upon love for Earnshaw’s daughter, Catherine. Years pass for the two lovers dishearteningly because neither can ever be with the other due to commitments to other people, family, and societal class expectations. As Catherine dies a terrible death, her daughter Catherine and Heathcliff’s son, Linton relive the...

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The Independence of Women in a Thousand Splendid Suns and Wuthering Heights

ambiguous.” It is set in the Yorkshire Moors. The basic idea of the story is a narrative of the events at Wuthering Heights in which a passionate love between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff occurs and how it destroys everything around them. These two are one person, their minds are entwined. They will do anything to be with each other. Catherine, a free spirited, arrogant, spoilt woman. She is greedy in the way that she wants the best of both worlds in the way of men. She marries Edgar Linton so that...

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residents of Wuthering Heights are that of the working class, while those of Thrushcross Grange were higher on the social ladder. The residents of Wuthering Heights aspire to be on the same level as the Linton’s. This is evident when Heathcliff and Catherine peek through their window. Wuthering Heights is always in a state of storminess and its surroundings depict the cold, dark, and evil side of life, while Thrushcross Grange always seems calm. Bronte describes Wuthering Heights as having "narrow windows...

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