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V isuals

Gabi D uigu

@ G abi D uigu 2 001
All r ights r eserved
Published b y A cademic E nglish P ress
9/13 A rmstrong S treet
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r s B N0 - 9 5 7 8 9 9 6 - 0 - 2

. : : l i : : : i ; ; : : . .: : l : : . .: : . : : : : : : l : :!':::::::::::::::::|' : ::

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l:l:::l::::::l.l.l| : :ltl lf::::r:::a:a:t:t::.t:
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.:. ......:.......:...........
. ..

t. T he P urpose f G raphsa ndTables

.. .. .. .2

Part 2
2. \WritingaboutGraphsandThbles
2 . 1 \ W r i t i n g t hI e t r o d u c t i o n
2.2 TimeExpressions
2.3 E xpressions M easurement

. . . . 15

3. \TritingtheReport
3.1 Contrast....
3.2 Tiends
3.3 Correlations


4. U sing t he R ight s ryle .
4.1 Modifiers
4.2 U sing t he C orrectS rylea nd A voiding E rrors

. . . . 39
. . . 48

5. Diagrams
5.1 VocabularyandGrammar
5 . 2 U s i n g a g o o d s r y.l e


\ With t hanks t o M aryanne S heaf or m aking t he b ook p ossible,a nd f or h er enduring p atience a nd e ncouragement.

Many o f t he g raphs a nd t ables i n t his b ook a re b asedo n v isualsf rom v arious issueso f t he U NESCO C ourier, t o w hich v ery w orthwhile p ublication g rateful acknowledgment i s m ade.

: li:i.,:ii:.:
! ::ii'.t.iilil



lntroductiona nd O verview
Many b ooks e xist t hat a re g uides t o a cademicw riting f or n ative s peakers. here a re O
also a n umber f or n on-native s peakers. f t hese,q uite a f ew d eal w ith t he u se o f graphs, t ablesa nd o ther v isuals.H owever, t hey n ormally e xplain h ow t o i nsert o r u se thesev isuals t o m ake y our w ork m ore i nteresting a nd e asyt o u nderstand.T hey d o not u sually e xplain h ow t o w rite a bout t hesev isual a ids. The p rimary p urpose o f t his b ook i s t o h elp y ou w ith t he \ Writing T hsk I o f t he i

IELIS A cademic t est. H owevet b ecause t a ttempts t o d eal w ith t he l anguage w ay, y ou m ay f ind t hat m uch o f t he i nformation i t c ontains required i n a s ystematic
could b e u seful t o y ou l ater d uring y our s tudies,i f y ou e ver n eed t o u se g raphs, tableso r t he l ike i n y our w ork. S o p erhapsy ou s hould n ot g ive t he b ook a way a s soon a s y ou h ave p assedy our I ELIS.


' Writing
T hsk 1 , i t i s
In o rder t o w rite a bout v isuals,a s r equired i n I ELIS A cademic necessaryo u nderstand w hat t o w rite, a s w ell a s l totl t o w rite i t. T he f irst s ection o f t
this b ook t herefore b eginsw ith a d iscussiona bout t he m ain p urpose a nd f eatureso f t
graphs, t ablesa nd o ther v isuals,a nd p rovides e xerciseso p ractisei denti$'ing t hese correctly.
The l ater s ections t hen g o o n t o d eal w ith t he l anguager equired t o w rite a bout them. T here a re v ocabulary l ists, e xplanationsa bout m eaning a nd g rammar, a nd T
exercises. here i s a lso a n A nswer K ey, a nd m odel a nswersa re p rovided, s o t hat t he book c an b e u sed f or s elf-studya s w ell a s c lass-roomu se.


V isuals: riting bout G raphs, ables nd D iagrams

Since m ost o f t he I ELTS A cademic \ Writing T hsk 1 q uestions d eal w ith g raphs a nd rables,a nd s ince t hey r equire s pecific i nterpretation a nd w riting c onyentions,w e w ill first f ocus o n t hese.

A N ote o n t erminology: T he I ELIS H andbook m entions d iagrams a...
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