Preliminary Business Report

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Preliminary Business

Cullen creative cooking Pty Ltd



This report provides an overview of the role of BPM and value chain. The report will highlights the problems the Cullen creative cooking Pty Ltd is facing and will priorities them on the bases of most urgent. It will include the modified organizational structure of the company, along with the as-is and to-be diagram. It also provides an insight to the project scoping diagram and will provide possible solution for the company. Based upon the report their will be some recommendation for the company in order to improve their business

Table of Contents
1. Business process management (BPM) and strategy4
2. Problem Analysis5
Fig 2.1 Project scoping diagram6
3. Proposed solution6
Fig 3.1: As is diagram7
3.2 To be diagram8
4. Solution considerations:9
Fig 4.1 modified organization chart10
4.2 What changes to be made?10
4.3 How to do it11
4.4 Common areas of cost11
5. Recommendations12
6. References13

1. Business process management (BPM) and strategy

BPM is a way to connect and integrate all the business processes in such a way so as to determine the additional performance improvement. While some might refer it to as an analysis of the value chain.(Singh 2012)

All these will helps the Cullen creative cooking Pty Ltd to manage their problems and to achieve the goals .A company that adopts BPM gets its advantage in many ways:

This will reduce the cycle time to make and deliver new products which will ultimately improve the customer service. Also, provides the information which will help the company in taking better decisions. With the introduction of BPM companies are able to improve competitive advantage by optimizing their processes that can provide better-cost to their customers. BPM will computerizes and streamline the business processes which are vital for the business in order to improve the output In general, BPM activities are grouped into five main categories design, modeling, execution, monitoring and optimization.(Singh 2012)

The value chain is a concept of business process management(Swapnil 2010). The thought of value chain is based on the process view of the association. Here the service is considered as a system, made up of subsystems. Where each subsystem have input, transformation process and output. These 3 processes involve the acquisition and consumption of resources, money, labor, materials, equipment, buildings, land, administration and management.How value chain activities are carried out determines costs and affects profits.

2. Problem Analysis

Even though there exist more than one problem associated with the company at this stage, the most important problem is delivery delay. Quite often the customers are made to wait for over a month for receiving the product. From the collected information, it is clear that the purchase department often tend to take the longer time. Materials for making the thermopulse are ordered only when the stock runs out. The stock is not monitored often enough which leads to unavailability at the right time. As the materials are obtained from external suppliers including one in Thailand and one in Denmark, this whole process of procuring parts takes almost a month A customer has to wait for a minimum of four weeks from the date of placing the order to receive the item. This wait results in the loss of market share as the customers become unhappy.This delay needs to be sorted and the business process has to be redesigned so as to ensure that the customer receives the product in one week. Performance gap, which is the gap between the current as is performance and to be performance, of the company is three weeks. This performance gap in the company...

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