Worst Car Accident I Have Ever Had

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Worst Car Accident I Have Ever Had

I felt a big thud at the front of my truck, and at that moment I did not know what had happened. Seconds later I felt my body turning with the vehicle. I grasped the wheel really hard with both of my hands, while the glass shattered in to pieces. My head, my chest, and my arms were soaking in blood. My heart was beating very fast. I thought it was the end of my life. That summer day on 2004, I was driving back from work in the afternoon and I took the South Beltway 8. When I was passing under the bridge on Harwin Street, the car in from of me suddenly move to the left lane. After that, I heard a heavy blow and my pick up truck went flying into the air. I did not know at that moment what happened. Later, when all was calm, I got out the truck, and I sat on the pavement. It was an amazing picture. I was very nervous while and arms bled from the wounds.

Immediately, the paramedics and police had arrived, while a helicopter was flying over the area of the accident. I waited for the paramedics to come to my aid. Then they placed me on the stretcher very carefully and took me to the ambulance. The paramedics took my blood pressure and quicky wrapped my head in bandages. I also remember seeing a police officer who entered the ambulance only to put me a traffic ticket. I simply told the police officer that it was not my fault, that someone had left his car in the middle of the freeway.

The ambulance took about ten minutes to arrive to the Southwest Memorial Hospital. I remember that in the Hospital they took many x-rays, and put me on a machine to get a scan. There was not found internal bleeding. Then the doctor said that the wounds were not so serious. I spent almost three hours at the hospital. I had not called my family, because I did not want them to worry. When I arrived at my home, I told my wife all about the accident.

Finally, after a long day. I sat in a chair on the balcony of my house. I thought...
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