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World War

By morganamore Jan 17, 2013 3765 Words
/University of Central Florida
Dr. Charles M. Lako, Jr.   Lecture Hall: CBA1 – BA1-107   Spring, 2012                  
The Legal & Ethical Environment of Business and E-Commerce at the International, National and State Level 
BUL 3130           Four (4) credit hours
   X  Sections:  Main Campus BUL 3130-0R01; Cocoa BUL 3130-0V70; Palm Bay BUL 3130-0V75; Daytona BUL 3130-0V80:
  Metro/Valencia-West BUL 3130-0V50; Osceola BUL 3130-0V55; Ocala BUL 3130-0V84; S. Lake BUL 3130-0V85;
 Lake Mary BUL 3130-0V81: S. Orlando BUL 3130-0V86.

LIVE LECTURE EVERY MONDAY ON MAIN CAMPUS - LECTURE HALL STARTING AT 6:00 PM.  Lecture Hall is a 300 seat capacity room - BA 0107. EVERYONE IS INVITED TO ATTEND, SEATING IS LIMITED TO 300 SCHOLARS This Course is LIVE AND ALSO delivered via the web as a VIDEO CAPTURE -streaming lecture.

College of Business - Dixon School of Accounting
Office:  4th Floor, BA 468    (407) 823-2965
Office Hours for YOU:  (always available for law scholars)
(i) e-mail;  (ii) in person before class,    (iii) by special appointment;  (iv.) most all appointments will be scheduled in advance – please see the FAQ page. NOTE:  Remember, I am here for you!     My belief is our faculty/student ratio is: 1:1

Ms. Jessica L. Galloway, Graduate TA in Law
Ms. Trish M. Piercy, LTA (Legal) Teaching Assistant

  Res Ipsa Loquitur Law Society - created and sponsored by FL & GA Trial Law Offices of Charles M. Lako, Jr., Esq. at UCF is open for membership to all Dr. Lako’s BUL 3130, 5810 & 6444 Scholars.  Check my web page for announcements! Textbook:  The Legal & Ethical Environment of Business and E-Commerce at the International, National and State Level,   Meiners, Ringleb, Edwards, (compiled) Lako. Cengage Learning (Publishers), ISBN Number is ISBN-13: 9781133228233  THIRD CUSTOM EDITION - No Edition number Course Objectives:  Each student will be confident in their ability to understand every aspect of every legal subject covered in the course.  Numerous times throughout the course it will be necessary to reference and discuss other law course material that directly relates to this course for the express purpose of providing you with a complete understanding of this most fascinating subject. You will most definitely (I) understand all the law presented to you, (II) retain it and (III) be able to apply it in your world today and in your careers. Teaching Methods:  A varied and diverse instructional method will be used to enhance course material and comprehension by lecture, discussions, examination of cases, completing challenging and enjoyable class exercises, group problem solving analysis, as well as more traditional methods. CLASS EXERCISES and GUEST LECTURES:  We will conduct in class - live (of real cases) the following;  Ethics Cases Every Class; Mediation; Arbitration; Civil Rights (employment) discrimination/harassment; Plea Bargaining; Deposition. Guest Lectures involve ten to twelve minute presentations by an Expert in the following areas of law:  Real Property; Common Law; Formal Law; Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Four (4) Semester Credit Hour Course:  Your classroom hours are three per week, and the fourth hour of every week has an assignment – research each Quiz Topic(s) on the Web course pages with an attached quiz for each assignment.  There are a total of four Quizzes. You will be given class time to conduct some of your research. Attendance Policy: In the past, pre-streaming, an absence would deny you the ability to thoroughly learn the material, and you would obviously experience greater difficulty in learning the 1,200 legal doctrines covered, especially since ALL exams are personally created and drafted by me from every lecture, class exercises and the text. You are responsible for the text materials, lectures, guest lecture series, class exercises, ethics presentations and the notes you take, all of which are the subject of my exams.  You will and can SUCCEED! As your Professor, I am providing opportunities to each student for their respective achievement of course objectives, students should be AWARE and cognizant of the value of their experiences, and how such experiences can offer the class a benefit - each student is valuable and can contribute.

ALL Class Work, Exercises and EXAMS will only be taken on assigned dates, unless there is a >>bona fide emergency = death, hospitalization, accidents<< documentation is necessary and must be presented to me in order to have MY permission (NOTICE: EVERY MAKE-UP EXAM I APPROVE MUST BE FINISHED BY THE Fifth DAY FROM THE ORIGINAL EXAM DATE OR YOUR GRADE IS A “0”) to take a make-up exam and the documents prove why you were prevented from taking the exam. We all need to work together to accomplish our goals and those set by me for the course, I am here for you. GRADES:     Five (5) EXAMS EACH WORTH 18% OF YOUR GRADE, Four quizzes/assignments each are worth 2.5% of your final grade. GRADING SCALE:  A – 90-100; B 80-89; C – 70-79; D – 60-69; F – below 60. VIP DATES FOR YOU

EXAM DATES:    Jan. 31st; Feb. 21st; March 13th; April 3rd; and the FINAL EXAM opens on April 24th. Each exam is open for THREE DAYS.  No classes are held during each exam. QUIZ DATES:    Jan. 24th; Feb. 27th; March 20th; April 10th. Quizzes are taken on your computer and timed at FIFTY (50) minutes each.  You can only take it one time and each has twenty questions.  Quizzes open at 5 am and close the same day at 11 pm. Please note that your final average can be negatively impacted by not doing each quiz, but earning high grades on the quizzes can raise your final grade much to our mutual delight.

**********Regional campus testing laboratory hours and days are different from main campus.**************check with your campus immediately.

IMMEDIATELY GO TO, AND CHECK WITH YOUR TESTING SITE/LAB TO ASCERTAIN ITS OPERATING HOURS SO YOU CAN ASCERTAIN HOW AND IF YOUR SCHEDULE FITS THE LAB’S HOURS OF OPERATION FOR ALL YOUR EXAMS. More Exam Information:  Testing Laboratory RULES:  (1) No talking; (2) No sharing of any type of information; (3) No hats; (4) No cell phones, pda’s, graphic calculators or other programmable/communication devices – even if they are shut off or immobilized; (5) No aid of any kind;  ONLY BRING YOURSELF & ID CARD – Check with testing lab information rules and policies at UCF and your campus-where you are registered.. It is your responsibility to know ALL the rules.

YOU SHOULD VISIT YOUR TESTING LABORATORY- if you have never taken an exam there. BUL 3130 – Spring, 2012 – Exam Schedule, dates, times and notice about (Main Campus ONLY). REGIONAL CAMPUSES HAVE THEIR OWN TIMES, BUT THE DAYS ARE THE SAME AS STATED HEREIN. ExamDate Times – OpenClose

1Jan. 31 Tues7:00 am11:55 pm
Feb. 1 Wed7:00 am11:55 pm
Feb. 2 Thurs 7:00 am11:55 pm
2Feb. 21 Tues7:00 am11:55 pm
Feb. 22 Wed7:00 am11:55 pm
Feb. 23 Thurs7:00 am11:55 pm
3Mar 13. Tues7:00 am 11:55 pm
Mar. 14 Wed7:00 am11:55 pm
Mar. 15 Thurs7:00 am 11:55 pm
4Apr. 3 Tues7:00 am11:55 pm
Apr. 4 Wed7:00 am11:55 pm
Apr. 5 Thurs7:00 am 11:55 pm
F. Ex. Apr. 24 Tues7:00 am 11:55 pm
Apr. 25 Wed7:00 am 11:55 pm
Apr. 26 Thurs7:00 am 11:55 pm
YOUR TESTING SITES/LAB ARE DIFFERENT THEN MAIN CAMPUS, GO THERE NOW. Question from a scholar:  Can I take an exam at a campus other than where I registered for your course? No!  UCF does not permit you to do that.  Each student must take their exams at the campus where they registered.  Regional campus scholars must contact their campus in advance of each exam to set a time to take it.  EVERY SCHOLAR SHOULD  VISIT THEIR TESTING CENTER BEFORE AN EXAM TO BECOME FAMILIAR WITH EACH TESTING CENTER’S PROTOCOL. EVERY REGIONAL CAMPUS HAS ITS OWNS RULES AND TIMES FOR SCHEDULING AN EXAM, WHICH IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM MAIN CAMPUS.  REGIONAL CAMPUSES WILL SEND YOU NOTICES WHEN THE COURSE BEGINS.  YOU NEED TO ASCERTAIN IF YOUR SCHEDULE FITS THE TEST TIMES AND DAYS FOR EACH EXAM. I CANNOT CHANGE YOUR CAMPUS LOCATION ONCE YOU ARE REGISTERED.  SEE YOUR GUIDANCE OFFICIAL ABOUT SUCH A MATTER IF NECESSARY. ________________________________________________________________________ EXAM INFORMATION- Time exams open and close:  All exams are taken at YOUR (where you are *registered) campus testing laboratory.  (*where you are registered is “your” campus and each has testing lab hours which you need to Immediately ascertain, those lab hours may differ from main campus and you must adhere to your campus testing times and its availability)      Each exam is open from 7:00 o’clock a.m. on the exam day and closes when your testing lab closes on the third day from opening.  Example:  opens on A Wednesday closes on Friday.  (BEST policy for you is to arrive about 1 or more hours before the closing time for the exam)      Main Campus Only-Closes Friday at 9:30 pm.

QUIZ INFORMATION – you take them on your own computer, they open at 5:00 o’clock am and close the SAME day at 11:00 o’clock pm.  YOU HAVE ONE DAY FOR EACH QUIZ.  You cannot take it more than once, ONE time ONLY.  Each quiz has Twenty (20) questions and is timed at Fifty (50) minutes. SUCCESS:  Achieving success can be accomplished by being prepared for each class, reading all assigned material and participating in each class. NOTE:  I reserve the right, with prior notice to you to amend the Syllabus if I deem same appropriate. SUCCESSFUL COMBINATION:  You will earn in your deep subconscious over 1,200 legal doctrines which you will use throughout your life. You want to be here, and I thoroughly enjoy and love being here with you, that combination I opine, equates into a very rewarding educational opportunity wherein all your goals will, at a minimum be realized, and I further opine, be exceeded.  My passion for the courtroom is equally matched by my passion for the classroom. GRADING SCALE FOR THIS CLASS   A =100-90; B=89-80;  C=79-70; D=69-60;  F=59-0 FAQ: PLEASE REMEMBER I HAVE OVER 1,000 SCHOLARS ON 10 CAMPUSES, the following information IS MANDATORY AND will help you tHrougHout the semester: 1.  Regular E-Mails are always answered by me, also some of them are answered by my Great LTA’s.  YOU ARE TO PUT IN YOUR SUBJECT LINE – Your campus location and section number and the reason for your e-mail – or you will not receive a reply.  I do over a thousand + per semester and want to reply, but you must help and follow this rule; 2.  Your communication with me is Confidential – my office will Never reply to your e-mail if you sent it from your employer.  My Office will only reply to your e-mail that is sent from the e-mail you have on file at UCF. 3.  Exams are taken in the testing laboratory;

4.  Regional Campuses you must make an appointment to take each exam. 5.  Quizzes are taken on your computer and are open notes, open book and open research. 6.  Appointments:  make one when you want in my office, I WELCOME YOU; LASTLY:  I e-mail you through webct since it is the only vehicle for me to reach all of you at once.  IN WRITING TO ME, you are ALWAYS TO USE ONLY e-community or through myucf to:  I NEVER want to miss your mail so follow this rule or you will not receive a reply, thank you. This information will be discussed in class for you.

DATE:                     SUBJECT / ASSIGNMENTS / EXAMS / EXERCISES (hereinafter - A=assignment; R=read; C-chapter: CE=Class Exercise) ETHICS:  Every class of every week will have a segment of Ethics Cases, lectures, class exercises with my Legal Teaching Assistant of real cases and crystal clear examples of what society, business professionals, citizens and governments face every day in the arena of Ethics. You will learn and love it! January:                 

9   WELCOME. Introduction to the Course, Review and discuss Syllabus.  Basic Course Overview, Introduce-Lecture on C 1 (Modern Business World).  Review Appendix. Also preview ETHICS and ALTERNATE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (ADR) and the upcoming CEs’. Also, Introduce-Lecture on C 2 (Judicial System/Courts).    Review scholar’s questions from C’s 1 and 2. Review C 2 in its entirety.  A: R C 1 and 2. 16 Holiday

23        Introduce-Lecture on C 3 (Trial Law & Dispute Resolution). Lecture on C 4 (Constitutional Law). , Plus+ >Lecture SIZZLED UP with historical and present day issues about the Bill of Rights, not just what mention has been made of some parts of Constitutional Law in this C 4. A: R C 3 and 4. Jan. 24 QUIZ ONE

30       Conclude chapter 4 and analyze and discuss chapters 1 through 4.  Ethics cases for discussion and exam one review. In depth review of chapters one through four, please bring questions to class or via e-mail to  Great and Dynamic class getting you ready for Exam One which encompasses chapters one through four and all class lectures, presentations and material. Jan. 31, Feb. 1 and 2      Exam One Exam One Exam One February:

6 Lecture on Criminal Law/Business C 5.  CE Plea Bargaining live of a real criminal case.  Lecture will be DRAMATIZED and VITALIZED with real cases of Ethical Issues in Constitutional and Criminal (I will also tell you about Mrs. M. Lamb, to broaden your academic superiority and reach your long term memory.) Law squarely addressing your 1st Amendment concerns with Cell Phones; Personal and Corporate computers – Beware! Lecture on C 6 (Torts).  Tort Law (the largest body of civil law in the world)  and all Common Law Doctrines of 500 years ago that are applicable today - Res Ipsa Loquitur; Respondeat Superior; Lex Loci, Last Clear Chance; Transferred Intent; Culpability; Long Arm Statutes,  etc. QUERY:  are all torts crimes, OR, are all crimes torts?  A: R C 5 and 6.              13        Lecture on C 7 – Business Torts.  This lecture will seem like a cool breeze on a sweltering hot summer day, since you are experts on C 6.  Lecture on C 8 (Realty & Personalty).You will love C 8 - it involves every waking and sleeping aspect of your life.  Personal and Real Property, (terra firma). A: R C 7 and 8 20 Conclude Lecture on chapter 8 and conduct an in depth review of chapters five through eight. Ethics cases for discussion and exam two review. Great and Dynamic class getting you ready for Exam Two which encompasses chapters five through eight and all class lectures, presentations and material.   Feb. 21, 22 and 23  Exam Two  Exam Two  Exam Two  27   Lecture C 9 (Intellectually Property) Lecture in an area of law that involves your entire life and successes!   Special Lecture infusing ETHICS and (ADR) - Alternate Dispute Resolution as compared and contrasted in Corporate Law, Nationally and Internationally. Review scholar’s questions from prior C’s.  Also, commence C 10 - Fascinating world of contract law, here is I. C. LACO! Lecture commences C 10, - CE - in contract law today! A: R C 9 and 10. (Did you notice how the law has come alive, not only from the lectures but  Each CE.) Feb. 27 QUIZ TWO

5 Spring Break Week HAVE FUN   BE SAFE   HAVE FUN
12  Lecture in C 11 (Domestic & International Sales).  Lecture continues in C 12 (Negotiable Instruments - Credit - Bankruptcy) Negotiable Instruments, Credit, Bankruptcy everything you want to and need to know reserved for you today.  - Chapters of Bankruptcy are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12 and 13 (not the chapters in the book, the ones used in Bankruptcy law - wait I will show you).  A: R C 11 and 12.   Ethics cases for discussion.  In depth review of chapters nine through twelve, please bring questions to class or via e-mail to  Great and Dynamic class getting you ready for Exam Three which encompasses chapters nine through twelve and all class lectures, presentations and material.

March 13, 14 and 15 Exam Three Exam Three Exam Three 19  Today opens and concludes with teaching you the successes of your life in a Corporate World, (Corporate world, why incorporate, how does it benefit you, and how you function in the National and International Corporate Climate and World, as well as the myriad of types of business entities, C 13 (Business Organizations). Lecture will continues with  C’s 14 (Employment...) and 15 and 16 (Employment Discrimination, Law).WORKER PROTECTION LAW - INCLUDING WORKERS COMPENSATION WHICH IS A PART OF YOUR LIFE WHILE AN EMPLOYEE - YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS LAW AND YOU WILL ENJOY DOING SO. Equal Employment Opportunities, etc. A:  R C 13 and 14. Mar. 2 QUIZ THREE

26     Lecture on C 15 - the fascinating and all encompassing doctrines of Administrative Law (Government Agencies).  Review student’s questions from prior Cs’.   CE with one of my Great TA’s in Law (LTA) presenting a real case of a (I) Civil Rights Act of 1964 (and its progeny) - sexual discrimination - harassment violation, or not?  You will be the Judge as you see and listen to what transpires in the workplace. We will continue with the Lecture series from prior class, Chapters 14, 15 and 16.   Lecture on C 16 - another legal subject area that touches all of your lives.  A: R C 15 and 16. MY WEB PAGE HAS FINAL EXAM INFORMATION

2 Conclude chapter 16 and analyze and discuss chapters 13 through 16.  Ethics cases for discussion and exam four review. In depth review of chapters 13 through 16, please bring questions to class or via e-mail to  Conclude chapter 16 and analyze and discuss chapters 13 through 16.  Ethics cases for discussion. In depth review of chapters thirteen through sixteen, please bring questions to class or via e-mail to  Great and Dynamic class getting you ready for Exam Four which encompasses chapters thirteen through sixteen and all class lectures, presentations and material. April 3, 4 and 5 Exam Four  Exam Four  Exam Four 9   Commence Lecture on C 17 (Employment Law). This is great stuff - where are you ever located during any moment of your day where you are not an integral part of the environment. Lecture continues with C 18 (Environmental Law ).  A: R C 17 and 18.  Apr. 10 QUIZ FOUR 

16  Lecture opens with C 19 (Consumer Protection). Fascinating law, especially since we are all consumers throughout our lives.  Lectures closes with C 20 (Antitrust Law).  A: R C 19 and 20. 23    Lecture covers C 20 and 21 (Securities Regulation (($$$Investments$$$))  and C 22 (International Legal Environment of Business).  We will weave in this lecture the laws of Respondeat Superior / Principle - Agent - Independent Contractor -Special Agent-Limited Agent.    A: R C 20, 21 and 22.  COMPLETE COURSE REVIEW - as you : - ) conclude your final exam preparation and gloat over your superior intellectualism in law! Final Exam encompasses Chapters 17 through, and including 22, plus all class exercises, guest lectures and special topics in law discussed in class and every Ethics presentation.  Go to my web page which contains all Final Exam material and that which specifically identifies in the areas of prior material that make this a comprehensive final exam. April 24, 25 and 26  FINAL EXAM       FINAL EXAM   FINAL EXAM   

Throughout the Course special reference will always be made to the Ethical vs. the Unethical behavior of people, business, corporations and governments.  Also, to Professionalism, and Legal - Illegal Behavior.   Interwoven into the course will be Alternate Dispute Resolution which appears in the book and CEs’. Contracts, Administrative, Real Property, Bankruptcy, Constitutional, Torts, Criminal, and numerous other areas of law are part of this legally provocative course.  Litigation will appear where appropriate. You will soon realize why I wish seatbelts were installed, as we magically, scholarly and intellectually travel from the common law of England 400 years ago to the present legal world of today.

Welcome to the section of BUL3130 that enhances your education through your study of four specific legal topics.  Each legal topic is followed by a quiz which is timed, but permits adequate time to successfully complete each. PROTOCOL AND RECOMMENDATION

Each quiz will be taken on-line through the Web.  Each quiz is timed at a total of FIFTY (50) minutes from the moment you commence your work.  The dates for taking each are identified with each topic. You will succeed by studying the topic. Some of the material is in your textbook, other information I encourage you to examine by your on line research.  Each Quiz is straightforward and represents precise questioning about the topic.

By succeeding on each quiz you can actually raise your overall course grade much to our mutual delight. Quiz II and IV Must be thoroughly researched by you in order to succeed. Quiz I is in the Appendix of your textbook, Amendments 1 through 10 and also Amendment 14 is in the Quiz.  Quiz III – Ethics will consist of material from class Ethical presentations and Ethics material in the textbook. I.

Commencing at 5:00 am and ending at 11:00 pm on Jan. 24th.


Res Isa Loquitur; Quantum Meriut; Respondeat Superior; Parol Evidence Rule; Statute of Frauds; Statute of Limitations; Doctrine of Separation of Powers; Doctrine of Supremacy; Delegation Doctrine; Independent Contractor Commencing at 5:00 am and ending at 11:00 pm on Feb. 27th.

Commencing at 5:00 am and ending at 11:00 pm on March 20th.
TOPICS OF THE QUIZ for you to thoroughly Research: 
Electronic Communications Privacy Act; E-Mail Contracts; Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act; Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA); Electronic Agents and Counteroffers; Federal Electronic Signature Act; Commencing at 5:00 am and ending at 11:00 pm on April 10th.

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