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NewCorp Scenarios Legal Brief
December 21, 2011
Paul Loock

NewCorp Scenarios Legal Brief
What liability does NewCorp have in this situation?
NewCorp may have to deal with a couple liability issues, one of which has to do with Sam the supervisor of electrical manufacturing for automotive who has developed a relationship with one of his employees. The relationship has taken a turn for the worse, and was ended by Paula, which Sam was not in agreement and wanted to continue dating. As a result, Sam began displaying unreceptive behaviors. This is the start of where Sam begins to put himself as well as NewCorp in a compromising position. Paula asks Sam to stop with the behaviors and to no avail he would not. Therefore, she applied for a transfer to the wire-coating; Sam blocked the transfer, citing evidence that chemical used in wire coating could harm an early-stage fetus (eCampus, 2011). Further, Sam argued, “NewCorp could not take the chance of being liable for causing a child to be born with a birth defect” (eCampus, 2011). Consequently, Paula deems this is Sam’s way of controlling and illegal discrimination. What actions might NewCorp take?

NewCorp might want to consult with human resources and implement policies and procedures regarding dating between supervisors and employees. The reason NewCorp would want to institute this policy would be two-fold: (1) other employees may claim discrimination, feeling that the supervisor is playing favorites towards their dating partner, and (2) should the relationship sour, that employee may claim sexual harassment, feeling pressured to keep the relationship going in order to keep their job (HR Policies, 2011). Identify which legal principles such as statutory or case law support your responses NewCorp would definitely make sure they are exercising equal opportunity in employment, which is the right of all employees and job applicants (1) to be treated without discrimination and (2)...

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