World on a Turtles Back

Topics: Earth, World, Water cycle Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: April 25, 2013
World on a Turtles Back
Have you ever wondered how the world came to be? I know I have. Whenever I have a question about things like that I look to the Indians to find my answers. They have a lot of stories about how they think the world came to be, and their all very interesting. There are many myths and legends that answer any questions that you might have.

Back when the Indians used to sit around the campfires, and tell stories about how the land came to be, I think they were just looking for ways to explain how things came about. It’s not that their stupid people, it was just the easiest way at the time to explain how things came to be. Now, I think they still believe the stories because they still follow some of the same customs, and because it’s still easier to explain things that way then try and learn science and all that. The story they use to talk about the land is that a women fell out of the sky and needed a place to stand, so a muskrat dove down deep into the ocean to bring it up to her. The muskrat put it on a turtle’s back and the land grew.

Another thing that they explain is how the trees came to be. They tell a story about how a woman fell from the sky and planted the seeds in the ground to make the trees grow. I think this is symbolic because they needed a way to figure out where they came from. In the past they might have been symbolic because usually there was only one Great Tree, and that was where all life centralized and where everything came together.

Water was very symbolic to the Indian people because before the Earth came about, everything was covered in water and that’s where all the animals had to live. In the story that I read, the water came about from the Great Spirits tears and covered the whole Earth. Also, the woman created curiosity by looking into the hole that the Great Chief created by ripping the tree out of the ground. Determination was created by all the animals diving into the water and brining some Earth up and...
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