Compare and contrast: Iran vs Hebrew creation myth

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Creation story: Hebrew vs Iran

How did every living thing come to be? This is a question that has baffled millions from the beginning and even until the present. Before there was science to meddle their thoughts into the answer, cultures around the world were looking for ways to resolve this unknown thought. Within every region has what they believe to be the correct myth; however, sometimes those myths are affected by overlapping cultures. The end result are myths that appear to be very similar. Regardless of the similarities, every myth has their own characteristics that hold true for their beliefs. The differences and similarities between the Hebrew creation myth and Iran’s creation myth are pronounced and they merit thorough scrutiny. They each tell the story of a loving god that creates the earth and all of its things with much care versus a more evil side that wants to destroy it. On the other hand, there are many distinguishing details ranging from how the humans were created to the smaller details of when things came to be. Studying these myths gives us a better understanding in the beliefs of these cultures.

As we scrutinize the specifics of each myth, we begin by learning about the Creator gods. In the Hebrew myth, we meet Yahweh. He creates the Earth, as well as everything on and around it by just his word alone. He begins by separating light and darkness first, then created the sea, land, and the heavens and everything residing within those areas. After having spent six days creating the world to his liking he creates man. Yahweh supplies the first man and woman - humankind with a place to reside where they don’t have to work for a living. Once there, he entrusts the man with the responsibility of naming all the animals. He also had given man one rule - they were not allowed to eat from the Tree of Life. Yet even with Yahweh living alongside Adam and Eve, they disobeyed him and sinned resulting in having been casted away from the comfort of...
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