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Topics: George Wallace, Southern United States, North Carolina Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: January 12, 2014
A Walk Across America By: Caden Cotter 9-2

Peter Jenkins’ journey across America was very exciting yet dangerous. He met many different types of people and visited various towns. He suffered great losses along the way but also learned many things about America that he did not know before.

At the beginning of Peter’s walk he knew nothing about America. For example, he thought Alabama was full of a bunch of hillbillies who were uneducated and racist people. It turns out he absolutely loved Alabama. He loved it so much he wrote on his map “TAA”, which meant “Totally Amazed by Alabama.” He was also amazed by the governor of Alabama. Governor George was just a common man in Alabama. He didn’t want good treatment just because he is the governor. Peter loved that about him. “Governor Wallace, I used to think this state and the whole south was by far the worst place on earth.” Peter was proven wrong.

Something that motivated Peter to take his walk was his failed marriage. He also wanted to learn a lot more about America. His divorce made him want to just get away from everything. “Well Stu, my wife and I well… we split up… and I’ve decide to leave this godforsaken country and try somewhere else.” “If you want to leave so much go ahead but before you do at least give this country a chance! It’s the greatest damn place that has ever happened to this whole world if you don’t believe me try it.”

On his walk across America, Peter had many ups and downs. One of the ups was Peter meeting the black family in North Carolina. The best part of staying with that family was that every Sunday they would all dress up and go to church. “When I was a young boy, church was good for coloring books, building blocks, and games but I don’t remember any “praise the lauds,” clapping or shouting for joy.” “Instead of making me drowsy the soul igniting sermon woke my inner being that had been asleep for twenty two years.” Along the way he also had many bad things happen to him....
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