Working at Mcdonald's by Amitai Etizoni

Topics: Full-time, Force, Education Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: March 28, 2011
“Working at McDonald’s”

The evaluation essay “Working at McDonald’s” by Amitai Etzioni, was originally published in the Miami Herald. In the essay, author observed carefully the situation of young people, especially who is on the education process working at McDonald’s the symbol of fast food chain restaurant. He has evaluated it by using his ideas and values for the essential pursuit of young people. According to the author, he denied that young people to work at the fast food chain restaurant too much. If the young can have a balance properly with an effective working schedule, which does not destroy their educational opportunities he/she can agree to work and study simultaneously. Mean while almost no young people can manage in that way, because it is hard for adult to keep the balance of their life quality and job quantity. In my opinion, I felt that once the young realized that they can earn plenty sums of money by working at McDonald’s. It is hard for them to get rid of this belief “no education can earn money”. Even once, he/she thought in this way, they will never value their education again. They may think that if they can earn money, they can live in the society. In other words, they are able to be independent in the society. But this makes easily one to be compliant. Under this belief, he/she cannot live effectively. What I felt through reading this essay, I regretted my spring semester in the college. Until June, I was fine and had full of hope and enthusiasm that I would be able to cope up with my work and school. Since June, I started the part time job in the restaurant. At the beginning, I felt so comfortable with me because I earned money, which helped my parents and me a lot. Then gradually, it forced me to commit myself overworking. As I reflect myself now, at that time, I was totally lack of the balance. Mentally and physically, I was at the extreme. Some teachers kindly advised me to reduce the working time, but I...
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