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Workshop technology is a course devised to teach and inform Mechanical Engineering/Industrial Engineering students attending the University of the West Indies, about the practical application which would take place in the working world. Though with Engineering Degrees we would not be physically toiling inside a machine shop like the technicians, in life, what ever one should do they should know it from the ground up. So this course is understandable why it is compulsory. The course also taught me to appreciate the work technicians inside a machine shop do. Through Workshop Technology I have learned how to use different machines, such as the Lathe, the Drill press, the vertical Milling machine and both the vertical and horizontal Band saw. I have also learned the proper methods to use tools such as Hacksaw, Hand tap, Single cut file, Threading Dyes, Hammer, Try square, Odd leg caliper and a Puncher. The metal material under use for the entire project was mild steel. Safety was also an important issue in Workshop Technology. As human beings we often live our life in a risky manner thinking we are almost invincible but when it comes to the machine shop, safety is an issue that must definitely be recognized and should not be taken likely. With large machines with cutting devices being often used, the smallest mistake can result in the loss of body parts to unsuspecting students or technicians. The following are safety rules which must be followed when in the machine shop: ➢ Eye protection (e.g. eye goggles) must be worn at all times when operating heavy machinery (e.g. the Lathe and the Band saw). ➢ When welding the eye goggles must be accompanied by a protective face mask that will protect you from the strong ultra violet rays radiated from the welding rod when in use and sparks are flying. ➢ Also when welding, protective gloves and long sleeve jerseys must also be used, because sparks that are so hot that it can burn human skin would be flying. ➢ When in the machine shop you must be dressed properly. That is, no loose clothing must be worn, all loose jewelry must be removed (e.g. rings chains, earrings, etc.) and your hair must be kept short (i.e. tied up and worn under a cap or hair net). ➢ The conditions of the blades, bits and cutters should be checked before each operation to make sure it is operational. ➢ Make sure you know what guards are required for the operation you are performing. Do not begin any operation until all required guards are in place. During the operation never reach around any guard until the machine has come to a complete stop. ➢ Always use a tool brush to remover-accumulated chips. Never touch chips with your bare hands when using the lathe or other such cutting devices, because the chips are often very hot and sharp. ➢ Return all tools to its proper storage place after use. ➢ The work area should be cleaned when the operation is completed. ➢ The final safety rule is probably the most important, that is, do not operate any machine shop equipment unless you have been properly trained in its use and are familiar with the operations to be performed or is under the supervision of a qualified machine shop technician. PROCESS PLAN

The table below shows the part number with the corresponding quantity number (i.e. the amount made), a description of it, the process used to make it and an alternative process that also can be used. |PART NO. |QUANTITY |DESCRIPTION |PROCESS USED |ALTERNATIVE PROCESS | |1 |1 |Main body |Mark-off, Horizontal Band saw,|Stamping, Forging | | | | |Vertical Band saw, Filing, | | | | | |Drill press, Vertical Milling | | |...

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