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Question 3.  What is the Tech Shop?  Why was it created?  Do you think that either Bloomington or Peoria would be suitable cities in which to have one (why or why not)?  The walls of history are papered with the stories of dreamers, who turned their ideas into innovations. Tech shop was founded by Jim Newton and Ridge McGhee. Jim Newton originally wanted to establish a place with tools to work on his pet projects, like building a digital clock, which he has still not gotten around to building. The first Tech Shop was officially opened to public on October 1, 2006 in Menlo Park, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Tech shop is a membership based organization that enables people to prototype their ideas and potentially convert them into businesses. A Tech shop is a place where people can come in and use the industrial tools and equipment to build and implement their own projects. The problem that the tech shops solve generally is that the average may have great new ideas but may not have access to millions of dollars of equipment to bring their ideas to life. The tech shop also provides classes for its member to learn how to use the equipment. Tech shop is a member ship based workshop that helps the people and innovators to realize their dreams. Tech shops also provide basic and safety training to people coming in for the usage on all equipment and tools. Tech shops make sure that the safety and usage workshops must be completed before using an equipment. Memberships are provided on yearly, monthly or daily basis. Some of the memberships are offered on family or corporate basis for a discounted price. Members pay like $100 a month to access things like the 3-D modelers, laser cutters and welding equipment. Tech shops were created keeping in mind the people who are really passionate about technology and would potentially like their dream ideas turned into potential working models or businesses. Thing can be built only by one thought of it. Tech Shop is a...
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