Work Early Organizations and Career Opportunities in Childcare

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Work Earlyorganisations and career opportunities in childcare. Gaps in Childcare Care And
Specific issues relevant to you during Work Experience
Roles most suited to me in childcare
Skills Audit
-Personal Skills
-Interpersonal Skills
-Technical Skills
-Practical Skills
5 Year Plan
-Long Term Goals
-Short Term Goals

Curriculum Vitae
Letter of Application
Job Finding Strategies
Contract of Employment

Work Organisations and
Career Opportunities in Childcare
Voluntary Sector:
Voluntary sector is paid for by donations and charities, however the authorities do pay for the upkeep. The voluntary sector depends on voluntary, rather than paid for effort, an example of a voluntary sector setting is a youth centre. These organisations add value to the community and bring the community closer together, voluntary sectors provide their own child protection, health and safety and data protection policies and procedures, however still undergo regular inspections. Voluntary sectors provide a place for underprivileged children. In Nenagh they run a homework club for children aged between 7-10 years old. They provide a range of activities for the children to do. As well as doing homework children enjoy activities such as Board games aimed at developing skills of strategy and ability to deal with numbers and words.   Card making (seasonal) and crafts aimed at developing creative skills and manual dexterity.

Public Sector:
Community-based childcare services may offer a range of child care under the CCS programme. They may even run a breakfast club. However, some childcare services operating the CCS programme may offer just one type of service, for example afterschool care. If you are eligible for free childcare the local crèche that is public are Bright Sparks Montessori and Nenagh Community crèche.

Private Sector:
Fee based organisation that offers the same services as a public crèche with extras. These extras may include longer care hours or a drop off service, there are two private childcare facilities in my area Tiny Steps Montessori and Little Tots. This sector might help families with both parents working to allow the child to be cared for properly throughout the day.

Gaps in Childcare
On stage Productions
There should be a bigger emphasis on children being involved in acting, singing and dancing classes. It improves children’s confidence greatly and can help them make new friends and can give them positive interests in their spare time.

Outdoor Activities
Although the weather in Ireland isn’t ideal for outdoor activities, it would be nice to see some of the activities the children can play to be more involved in their daily routines e.g. Soccer, rounder’s etc.. If the crèche brought in a trainer i.e. James Scott from the FAI it would help kids that play soccer improve their skills and kids that don’t play soccer with hand-eye co-ordination, boost self-confidence as well as introduce variety into their routine.

Even when a child is young technology can help them. Through creativity the child can learn to create drawings on the ‘paint’ application or download applications on iPads, tablets, smart phones, laptops etc. such as Kids Maths by Up Up kids. It could be very useful as nowadays nearly every aspect in life is based around technology.

Even though children are thought about animals through books and films, it would be more beneficial if they were shown how, why and when animals act in specific ways. If children were brought to a pet farm and allowed hear feel and feed the animals they would learn a lot more than just looking at pictures in a book.

Gaps in Childcare

Now that everything is becoming more modernised each crèche / pre-school should have their...
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