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Report Article 1; source, Children’s workforce and development council. I am going to write a report on the issues of men working in a childcare environment. I will outline the different points made by two different documents regarding the issue and a description of how the issue has affected service provision and methods of working. I shall also highlight the benefits of having men in the childcare sector and how advertising men in this sector could produce a more positive outlook on the issue. Document one is an article from a childcare magazine it is titled ‘A job for the boys’. It’s an article about a man who works in the childcare environment and is highlighting the benefits of having men in the childcare sector as well as saying the negative points that some people may suggest. It goes on to say that the childcare sector is mainly dominated by female workers as only a small percentage of 2% are male. The article states that it considered that people are suspicious when they encounter men seeking work with children. There is a prevailing myth that many men are paedophiles who want to harm children. Many say that childcare originates from a ‘women’s job’. The man in the article then goes onto say about meeting someone when he had just qualified saying that he was a nursery nurse the man then replied ‘is that a garden centre?’ this shows that people automatically assume men have no involvement in the childcare sector, as the man then asked ‘are men even allowed to work In the childcare sector?’. Men also worry about how they are perceived by parents, when a man comes face to face with the parents he may feel intimidated as they may not want him looking after their child. The man writing the article then goes on to say about stereotypes and listing the negatives of working in a childcare sector, e.g. the low pay. He then goes on to say that this doesn’t bother him, but can understand why most men avoid the profession. He then goes on to describe his setting and says that he has 4 members of staff in his setting; he believes that having a gender balanced team is key to encouraging men to start out and stay in childcare. This article is a man’s personal take on the issue and is trying to encourage more men to join the childcare sector if it is what they want to do, but he also draws out the issues and negatives about it also. The article is informative as it gives facts and figures to back up his arguments. I think that this article could be beneficial to men in the childcare sector as they will realise they are not alone in the issue.

Report Source 2; Surrey county council, benefits of a mixed work force. The second source that I have used is titled ‘Benefits of a mixed work force’. This straight away suggests that all the points made are going to be positive and in favour of men working in a childcare setting. It starts of by saying that there are hundreds of men working in play work, early education and childcare in Surrey alone. It also says that the children, parents and colleagues of these men are all benefiting. But then says that it is still dominated by women and that not everyone is experiencing the benefits of a mixed workforce.

It then states some of the benefits that men can bring to the childcare workforce, some of which are; children can benefit from the different experiences and styles of caring that men can bring, male role models are vital in ensuring young children have quality contact time with men, dads often appreciate having a male practitioner to talk to at their child’s setting, having a diverse workforce enhances children’s experiences, colleagues benefit because a more...
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