Woolworths Introduction

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Marketing strategy Pages: 23 (4425 words) Published: April 2, 2013
MBA503 - Marketing for Managers
Session 1 2013
Faculty of Business
School of Management and Marketing
CSU Study Centre Melbourne
Internal Mode
Subject Coordinator Belinda Fridey

Subject Overview
Welcome to a new session of study at Charles Sturt University. Marketing is an enterprise wide opportunity for any organisation to understand its customers and the markets they might wish to participate in. Marketing management is concerned with identifying, entering and developing markets and aligning the organisation's resources to achieve its goals. This subject will introduce students to key ideas, philosophies and theories that make marketing an essential activity in any organisation. Specifically, students will investigate marketing's origins and how marketing can be contextualised in the organisation as a platform to align the organisation's goals with market demand. The subject will also encourage students to investigate and discuss how marketing, contemporary marketing and customer issues can be managed in the current environment.

Marketing is a great area of study and certainly a helpful orientation for anyone anywhere in an organisation. In this course you will advance your current marketing knowledge as you compare theory with reality and current trends and develop an understanding of how marketing as a concept and an orientation can assist any type of organisation – commercial, not for profit, government to achieve its goals.

The marketing orientation requires an understanding of your current and potential consumers and an alignment of your resources throughout the organisation so you can develop persuasive offers that customers will want and desire. Marketers do this utilising the marketing mix or the 7 P’s to create positioning in the mind of the target consumer and then communicate that to the target with the intent of creating specific actions – awareness, interest, desire and ultimately action in the transactions that pay the bills or deliver on the organisational goals !

Internally, marketing allows you to consider how to understand the needs of internal stakeholders and develop benefits for them as you engage them in the companies and your mission! This subject is transitioning to a full electronic subject so we have redesigned and are redesigning some of the learning materials and resources to make better use of the electronic platforms and relevant current issues and information - this will improve your learning and enhance the subject experience as you as a group have access to all available materials.

Your subject coordinator
Belinda Fridey

Teaching staff
Lecturer Name: Belinda Fridey
Lecturer Email: BFridey@studygroup.com (mailto:BFridey@studygroup.com)

Academic biography

Charles Sturt University Subject Outline
MBA503 201330 SM I-16 February 2013-Version 1

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Learning objectives
assess and explain the nature of marketing and marketing management in contemporary organisations;
investigate and assess the role of market orientation in an organisation of your choice; investigate and describe how market research contributes to solving marketing problems; evaluate the key marketing aspects of segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) and be able to analyse organisations approach to STP;

apply the Marketing Mix and aspects of branding and positioning to a specific target market and be able to evaluate competitors programs;
discover and evaluate how contemporary issues of environment, social media and other technology, society and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) might affect marketing; and analyse a marketing challenge and create a marketing plan to be applied to an organisational situation, to achieve desired outcomes.

Assumed knowledge
While there are no particular prerequisites for this subject you are required to have computer/internet access and an interest in how people interact and communicate. I expect that you will have an...
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